chapter 1

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After a long weekend, I pulled into the school parking lot to see everyone's eyes on me. I put my bike into a parking spot and pulled my helmet off, shaking out my long dark hair.

The crowd that had formed began to fade. I slid off my bike, before grabbing my bag and walking towards the courtyard where I knew I would find the guys.

My life had done a total 360 two months ago when Aiden came to town. At eighteen and in my final year of high school, a lot had changed.

Prior to his arrival, I was the golden child of my rich family. As the youngest daughter to my mother and father, both owners of their own legal firm, I had a strong reputation and standards to uphold. I used to be a straight A student and I was the typical girl next door.

After Aiden's arrival and supposedly bad influence, I had changed. I could not give two shits about school and my grades soon plummeted to a below-c average, something that had destroyed my parents. I threw all my morals and standards out the window that I used to uphold. I was a disgrace in my parent's eyes and I was tired of trying to always please them.

I had rebelled by dying my platinum long blonde hair, black and had gotten a job at the local garage, the same one that Aiden happened to own. I was no longer the golden child that my parents expected me to be. I had caused disgrace to my parents and my family name.

I placed my sunglasses over my perfectly rimmed blue eyes and put on my leather jacket, before heading to find the boys.

Before my transformation, the only reason why I was remotely popular was due to my parent's status. Everyone wanted to know me because of the connections my parents had. I never really had true friends and just floated between groups. Aiden and his friends had changed all that.

I no longer had any aspiration to follow in my parent's or my sisters footsteps and become a lawyer. I wanted to work in the garage for the rest of my life and race until the day I died. College and becoming a lawyer no longer held the same appeal it had months before.

Aiden had come back to town after being away on a tour. His cousin Andrew had been running the shop for him. I had known Andrew and Aiden since the day I started school and knew all about him and his friends.

Andrew and some of his friends worked at the garage along with a few older people. Aiden's dad had previously ran the shop before handing it over to Aiden on his eighteenth birthday. My parents have always told me Aiden and his friends were trouble. I was yet to see how. It only made me like them more, if anything.

Aiden had spotted me on his first day back at high school after being on tour for the past eight months. Before he left, we were never really friends. He never paid much attention to me to be honest. I did not even think he knew I existed.

"Wow, Savannah you got hot since I left," was the first thing he said to me.

I did not know how to respond to him. Back then, I had been the geeky blonde-haired girl who was crazy smart and knew next to nothing about fashion or bikes. That was quick to change.

After accidently running into him on the way to my car, I spotted his bike. It was love at first sight. I could not stop gawking at it and my stupid mouth would not stop asking questions. He answered them, of course, and offered me a deal.

He would teach me everything he knew about bikes and cars if I would help at the garage, due to lack of staff. I agreed and two months later here we were.

I spotted the boys sitting at a bench and made my way over.

"Hey guys," I called, pulling my glasses up so that they sat on my head.

"Hey Savannah," they all called back.

My group consisted of Andrew, Aiden, and their two best friends, Jay and Marco.

Andrew and Aiden had quite similar features. They both had brown shaggy hair and chiselled features; the only difference was their eye colour. Andrew had striking green eyes, while Aiden had piercing blue ones.

They all had rocking bodies with abs and were all muscle from racing. I had come to find that Andrew and Aiden preferred bikes while Jay and Marco loved cars.

Marco was what I would call exotic. He had liquid chocolate for eyes and the darkest hair I had ever seen. He had tanned skin and was covered in tattoos. Jay had blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair and was quite tall. They all looked like gods and had an army of girls throwing themselves at them wherever they went.

"Looking good girl," said Andrew, bluntly checking me out.

Today's attire consisted of skinny blue jeans, a black tank, and my leather jacket and ankle high-heeled boots.

"Girls got a good set of legs," laughed Marco, also earning him a slap to the head.

Since my sudden transformation, everyone thought I was sleeping with one of them. That was not the case. I was not a virgin but I certainly was not the type to sleep around. My transformation was thanks Aiden.

He coaxed me out of wearing baggy old clothes or as he called it 'nerd attire', something a girl with a body like mine should never be caught in. He saw me underneath my hidden exterior.

After my first shift of working at the garage, Aiden and the boys took me shopping. It was there that I bought a wardrobe they approved of, all with daddy's debit card that was in my name. If I was going to be riding with them, I could not be caught in clothes like what I used to wear.

They had all taken me under their wing and was determined to help me in any way they could.

They knew about my family situation and that I had no desire to become a lawyer.

I needed to stir things up and cause a little bit of trouble. I was no longer the good girl anymore and I would not hide behind my old exterior. I needed to flaunt my newfound confidence.

I also bought a book on cars and bikes and studied it until I knew every piece of a bike and where it went. With the help of the book and Aiden, I taught myself how to rebuild an old bike, which had become my ride. I had a set of wheels but my bike was so much better and my parents did not approve, which made me want to drive it even more.

My father was against bikes ever since my older cousin Jeremiah had a bad fall and broke an arm.

I spent all my time at the garage or with the boys at the track. It was my life and I was tired of trying to please everyone. It was time to do something for me for a change.

Over the course of the two months, the boys had become my brother's. They always had my back and were always there to protect me, especially Aiden, who had become just a little flirty with me. He had been sneaking into my room of a night and we just stayed up talking about anything and everything.

He took me to parties and made me have a social life, something that had never existed before. He was truly changing my life. He knew me better than anyone did.

He knew my insecurities and how I loathed being compared to my parents or my older sister, Isabelle. I was my own person. I would never be good enough for them no matter what I did.

"Hey Sav, you up for some track work after your shift?"

Aiden had also been training me. I wanted to learn how to race. Being on my bike was like a drug. The adrenaline rush felt amazing and watching Aiden race was enough for me to want to become involved with the world of racing. I wanted to be my own person for once and do what pleased me.

I smiled at him and told him I was up for it.

"I need to ask your opinions on something," I said as I plonked myself on the table and relaxed before the bell for first period went.

"What's up," said Jay.

"I was thinking of going to college and doing a course on motorcycle mechanics," I said.

"I think it's a good idea," replied Jay.

Andrew and Marco grunted their responses. They were a big help.

"I think you should do it," came Aiden's reply, "It will give you a college degree at least, you can show that to your parents or you could lie and say you're doing the law degree. It may become hard to explain why you're covered in grease everyday though."

"I think you're probably right, but I really want to do it and like you said, I'll have a degree in something. Bikes are closely related to physics, which is a branch of science so they can't be too pissed. I'll be a science genius specialising in bikes and cars," I laughed.

"Only you can make something cool sound dorky," laughed Jay.

"You're forgetting I was a dork," I replied with a huff.

"There was no way you were a dork, I mean look at your body, I kind of miss you being blonde though, but the black hair brings out your eyes and you look totally bad ass. You could give Megan Fox in transformers a run for her money," laughed Andrew before the bell rang and we all jumped off the table.

"Well I'll catch you all later, I'll probably skip second period, I never liked maths," said Andrew, once again. He was the big mouth of the group.

I called bye to the other guys, before heading in the direction of my class, which was first period physics when Aiden tugged my arm, pulling me behind the guys.

"Just for the record, I like your hair just the way it is. Black makes you look more bad ass. The blonde made you look too innocent," he whispered in my ear before walking in front of me. I quickly overtook him only for him to reply with a snide remark.

"I love it when you walk in front of me; your ass looks great in those jeans I picked, not to mention you have killer legs."

I shot him a look of disgust before sticking my finger up at him and heading off to my class before he made me later than I already was.

"Bad ass suits you Sav," he laughed before heading to his own class.

That boy clearly had issues.

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