Chapter 7: Ruby

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     Dawood watched as Jannat spotted Adham, who now held a dozen roses for her. Jannat let out a small shriek as she ran and gave Adham a hug. Dawood shook his head and smiled at their childishly sweet reunion. "This is nauseating," Ahmed mumbled. "They're like school kids." "This coming from you?" Dawood chuckled. "You're the biggest hopeless romantic that I have ever seen or heard about." "This involves Jannat. It's creepy," Ahmed cringed. Dawood smiled and shook his head as the rest of his family greeted Adham. "He keeps getting better looking," Rana said as she crossed her arms across her chest and studied Adham. "Are you checking him out, Rana? Ew!" Ahmed cringed again. "I'm stating the obvious, Ahmed," Rana sighed. "Plus, one should appreciate the finer things that Allah has created." "If we checked out a woman, you'd be all over us saying stuff like how we're being shallow and disgusting," Ahmed scoffed. "That's because if you guys did do that, it WOULD be creepy, shallow, and disgusting," Rana shrugged and smiled as Ahmed shook his head in defeat.

     "Hey, bro," Adham smiled as he walked over to Dawood with his arm now around Jannat. "I feel like I should point out that I'm uncomfortable with you touching my sister since you're both not married yet," Dawood said as he rocked on his heels and played with the straps on his backpack. "You would be the one to say that," Jannat said as she rolled her eyes. "I'm cool with that," Adham said as he moved his arm. "I'm just excited to actually be marrying Jannat. Finally." "That is so cute," Rana sighed as she leaned on Dawood. Dawood chuckled as Ahmed gagged and said, "How are you all not finding this mushy stuff disgusting?" "Well, probably because they don't act like a bunch of five year olds," Jannat said with a shrug. "I'm sorry I didn't get to properly talk to you before," Adham said as he looked at Dawood. There were still people snapping pictures of them and that bothered Dawood a little. He noticed that Rana was eyeing them suspiciously as well. "Let me ask you something," Rana began, "is every aspect of your life out in the open like this?" "Pretty much," Adham nodded and smiled as he held up a peace sign and took a picture with Jannat for a random stranger.

     "That's so weird," Dawood blurted out, making Rana nod fiercely. "What is?" Adham asked in stride as he waved at a couple of kids using their phones to take pictures of him. "All of that," Ahmed said as he gestured at Adham. "You're fully integrated in the superstar role. Kind of unnerving for us regular folk." "You're not regular," Adham smiled. "You're almost part of my family." "Wait, so we'll have to wave at cameras?" Dawood asked and shook his head. "I like being out of the limelight, not right dab in the middle." "Too bad," Jannat smiled. "My wedding is going to be covered by all major news organizations in Korea and Pakistan. You're going to be everywhere." "No one told me this," Dawood said quickly as he looked at Rana and Ahmed. "No one told me this." "Don't look at me. I didn't even know that Adham Park was your future brother-in-law," Ahmed shrugged. "I just flew in. Do you really think I'd know we were going to be famous like this?" Rana asked with a raised eyebrow.

     "Don't worry," Adham smiled, "the pictures will largely be about Jannat and me. I assure you, no unflattering pictures will show up about you on the Internet." "Unflattering? Pssh, I don't have an unflattering angle on my body," Dawood scoffed and smiled as Rana nodded. "All jokes aside," Dawood began, "mind if I ask you a few questions, seeing as I know next to nothing about you.' "Sure," Adham smiled before brushing back his silky, black hair. "My life is pretty public so I'm ready for any questions you may have." "First of all, how did you guys end up getting engaged? I mean I get it's an arranged marriage, but I'm sure my mother doesn't have connections in Korea," Dawood asked and glanced at his mother who rested comfortably on her wheelchair with Harun handing her a water bottle. "Well, my mom's mom knew your mom's mom. That's how we heard of each other. When I met Jannat, she didn't know who I was, as a pop star," Adham explained. "She was calm and composed. Not to mention cool. Call it love at first sight."

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