The Half Blooded: Chapter 1

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Authors Note: 

I entered this story into a competition for Lisa McMann and I won as a Top Ten Finalist! Thank you to everyone who voted and supported me, it means alot. I will be creating a series out of this book, so thank you to everyone! Comment what you think & Vote! Thanks!


Chapter 1:

 I twisted my hair into a ponytail, tucking it under my cap and lowering the brim. I took a final look around the room full of strangers wondering which of them could help me escape, and which would likely try to kill me.

 I shuffled my way through the crowd trying to reach the end of the room avoiding all eye contact possible. Even though I was desperate for someone to help me escape, I wasn't going to take the chance and get myself killed. Every stare burned into me as I slowly pushed through, not even realizing who I was bumping into just trying to make my way to the end.

 A tight grip squeezed into my right shoulder as I winced in pain silently, trying not to make a commotion, or gain myself more attention.

 "And where do you think your going young lady?" The voice said softly as you could hear the venom drip from his words.

 I didn't reply back, I felt it would be safer not saying anything. My heart was beating a million miles per minute, as I stood there motionless, hoping that this mysterious man would leave me alone.

 He gripped my shoulder tighter this time.

My eyes felt like they were about to explode from their sockets as I screamed in pain. He whipped his hand off my shoulder to my mouth, as it created a loud clapping sound.

He pulled his face close to my neck, breathing slowly as he whispered quietly into my ear.

 "We wouldn't want to cause a scene here would we?" His warm breath was still lingering in my ear,  "Now be a good girl, and cooperate." He warned me threateningly.

He slowly removed his hand from my mouth as I spun around quickly to face my attacker. I felt my heart sink as I stared openly into the red-eyed demon, as he smiled devilishly into my eyes.

"Looks like your out of luck this time Lucy." He shook his head in honour.

 "I won't let you take me to The Legion" I said daringly. I already escaped from their presence once, and I was prepared to again.

"This time I won't let you out of my site." His slithered those last words with hate, as his red eyes became darker in anger.

He lifted my hat off my head as my blond curls dropped down to my shoulders, exposing my entire face to everyone in the room.

I flickered my eyes to the floor, I had to make no eye contact with anyone as it could be deadly, and even risk my chance of escpaing once again.

The demon lifted his finger into my curls, as he played with my hair, admiring the touch, and scent it brought with it.

"Such a shame that you are going to be dead in the next twenty four hours, isn't it Lucy?" He replied with a sarcastic tone, "You'll end up just like your father. At least you'll be reunited at last hm?" 

Flashbacks began to fill my mind from the day that my Father was murdered right in front of my eyes. When I was younger, my parents would tell me I was a special girl, and the only one in existence and when I was older I was to stay safe, and out of harms way. I didn't understand them, that is until the day they came to kill my Father. They said he mocked their law as well as disobeyed them and created a monster, as they referred to me being the only half human and half supernatural in existence.

My Father was a pure blood werewolf, one of the most powerful kind. He was the chief of all the werewolf clans, and made sure they were safe from The Legion. However he came across my Mother as she was a leader herself, for the Human Resistance. She was a strong, young woman, who was a warrior, trained to kill and fight in order for the surivial for Humans.

The war between the supernaturals and the humans was a deadly one. Nearly three billion humans were slaughtered. Not even their vast improvements of technology could help them win this war. The supernaturals had many different clans, but they all fought under the orders of one. The Legion. The Legion is the most powerful evil clan that the world has ever known. It is ruled, and directed by Lucifier himself.

The humans however, didn't want to risk even more lives that they lost and decided to surrender to The Legion. All humans were sentenced to be live stock, and slaves to the supernatural beings. They lived in big kingdoms with the worst living conditions. They had no money, and the parents were always out trying hard to come home with a meal, or even a tiny bit of scrummage they found during the day. When the child was sixteen years old, they were taken from their families and ordered to work. Men were sent off to mining camps or facorties and even building. Where as women, were sent off to be personalized slaves, some were actually sent to mining as well.

Those who did not want to comply were either killed, or tortured.

However, it was different for me as my entire town was demolished. The Legion were in search for me, and knew as I grew older the bigger of a threat I became to them. I could process more things quickly, and many things my Father once told me that I have yet to learn. Humans can only process 20% of their brain, however being half human as well as supernatural I was able to connect with the full 100% of my brain. The potenial powers I had, and the amount I could process? I had no idea how to even control it, or even what I was able to. But the biggest question I had of them all was what made me a threat to The Legion?

The Legion needed my blood, as they were getting weaker, after the thousands of years. Being from such a strong family I was the only one in existance. If they had my blood, they would be unstoppable, and fully control this world with no defeat. I couldn't let that happen.

I wasn't ready to sacrifice myself for the greater evil.

I wanted them dead, and finally restore power as it always was - to the Humans.

The red-eyed demon pulled himself away from me, as he pushed me forward causing me to snap away from my thoughts.

"Come on Lucy, time to go collect my bounty."

He whipped me around as he held my shoulder tightly, guiding me through the crowd of people towards the large oak door, which led outside.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight this time."  He laughed evilly, as I felt a huge lump in my throat.

I gulped in fear.

This could not be the end.

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