Great hated already!!!!

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During the journey to the reception with Alec's arm still casually around my shoulders, I could already tell that I wasn't liked already. A girl called Marcie a.k.a Alec's ex was shooting me death glares like literally!!!!! As we walked past, like what have I done? Oh Alec's arm. She came to us bouncing like a proper bounce
"Alec baby who's this?" She cringed into his other arm like a puppy wanting milk from its mum and batted her eyelashes.
Whoa what the he'll is she doing?
"Marcie this is Freya, Freya Marcie" he gestures to us both
She looked like she wanted to kill me so me being the bigger person I stuck out my hand, she looked down at it like it was a squished bug. My god what a drama queen
"Welcome bitch I see you've met my boyfriend Alec" she gave me a grin that could only mean stay away. Alec turned to Marcie
"Marcie" he growled "you know perfectly well that we are not together and nothing happened between us, so keep your hands off me and leave Freya alone, from what I can tell her isn't a bitch unlike you!" Alec hugged me closer so to piss Marcie off I wrapped my arm around his waist. Marcie looked at my arm around Alec and had her mouth wide open, then her eyes turned dark
"Thats not what you did last night huh if a Freya darling your just a fling so your not important" excuse me how dare she speak to me like that. I come out of Alec's grasp and stand in front her
"Excuse me!!!!" I put my hands in my hips, she just smiles at me
"You heard" she leaned in and whispered "your not good enough for him so stay away he's mine" she turns around and shashed down the corridor
"I didn't know you owned him like a slave!" I shouted
She turned around gave me the finger and continued walking away.
By now everyone had seen out we fiasco and was silent
"What!!!!" Emi shouted looking around at everyone
"Come on let's go Freya" we walked down the corridor still receiving glances and whispers. Suddenly Jason stops and turns to look at everyone
"Guys this is Freya she is from Scotland and if anyone bothers her you go though us ok?" He looks around and sees people nodding
"Good that we finally got that clear PARTY AT MINE TO CELEBRATE FREYA MOVING HERE, LETS SHOW HER HOW WE PARTY HERE IN CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!" Everyone whoops and cheers and we walk down towards the reception.
I received my timetable and I am now standing outside my maths class, the rest of the students are already settled in as I was kept behind to hear all the rules etc
Should I knock?
Should I just walk in?
I've never been this nervous to walk in a class before
Oh cheese and rice stop being a coward
I knock on the door and hear a
"Come in" I open the door and all the students look at me
The teacher looks at me and stands up. He walks to me and sticks out his hand, I take it and shake it
" I am Mr Bell, you must be Freya?" I nod. He goes over to the cupboard and brings out a text book an hands it to me
"There is only one seat left I'm afraid and it's up at the back" he points up to the back and so I start walking towards the back when I hear
"My princess has returned to me" and there sitting is Alec. He has a grin on his face, he stands up and bows to me , I laugh
"Sit down Alec" shouts Me Bell
I smirk at Alex who does one back
"Oh my prince I have missed you do much!!!!!!" I say in a very high , girly voice
"I know you did babe!" He says winking at me
"Thats enough Alec do I need to send you to the head?" Mr Ball says I sneak a glance at Alec who is shaking his head
"No sir" he gives me a wink
"Good now today we are going to be learning about Vectors" everyone groans
This is going to be a long class!!!!!!
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