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You looked at director Vance. " yes?" You say confused on what he wanted you to do. " a navy pilot ship needs a female on the job. No other woman know how to fly a plane. " he started. " I can't just leave" you protest. " this is a order. You will attend flight school for a week before you help. The only problem is your gonna be the only female. And you can't take DiNozzo with you" he says and hands you a black leather jumper with some patches on it. " your gonna need this"  Vance says and you take it looking at it. You sigh. " oh and these" he says and hands you a pair of aviators ( sunnies). You put them on your head and go walk out the door shuttered. " nice sunnies" Tony says looking at you and your guttered face. " what's wrong?" They all ask and you sit on your desk with your head in your hands. You throw the jacket on your desk. " what happened?" They all ask and Tony comes over taking you off your desk and into a hug. You hug him tightly. " I have to leave " you say sadly. " why? And to where?" They all ask sitting down with you. " a navy pilot ship needs a female pilot for a little bit. And I'm the only female in all Ncis who knows how to fly a fighter jet." You explain and grab the jacket and place it in the middle of you all. " you can't leave. No I won't let you" Tony said and held you tight. " it was an order" you say sadly. " wait you can fly a fighter jet?" McGee asked and you nodded. " my uncle used to take me out on a plane whenever I saw him. He taught me the basics and when I was 16 he put me in a smaller fighter jet to try out and he climbed in the back. He was amazed how good it went so he started teaching me about how the whole thing works. He even taught me how to take the engine apart and put it together " you explained. " woah" they all said and you nodded still in Tony's arms. " when do you go?" They all asked. " next week" you say. " after the wedding" you put in and Tony nodded. " now I look at that jacket. It's pretty bear. I need some patches" you say and they all nod. " let's go find some. All together" Gibbs says and you all agree. You all stand up and run down to the cars. You arrived at the shop where they sell patches. " alright. I want one of Ncis and one of a fighter jet. And maybe one of my name if we can find one. Maybe some others." You say and they all nod. " got the jet" McGee  says. " got your name" Tony says " and I got a Ncis one." You say. " and I found some others that will look nice on the jacket." Gibbs says with a handful of them. " one sec" you say and jog back and get a Harley bar and shield one. " just because I've always wanted one" you say and grab them all. " Is that all you would like today?" The lady said scanning them all. " yes thanks" you say and pay for them. You take the little bag there in. " well. I'm gonna be busy " you say and laugh a little. " at least your gonna fly in style" Gibbs said and you put the jumper on and walked out the store and the others followed. You arrived home and sat at the kitchen table and lay the jumper out flat. You placed the patches where you wanted them. Gibbs pulled out a sewing machine and plonked it on the table and plugged it in the wall. " thanks" you say and pull it towards you. You pin down the patches so they don't move and start sowing them. Halfway through you heard a bike pulling in the driveway. " 2014 classic fat boy " you say and get up and open the door. " hello dear" Tony said pulling his helmet off. " you.. Own... A ... Harley?" You said exited and he nodded. " your turn" he says handing you the key. " gladly" you say and snatch his jumper off him and start the bike up. You put his helmet on and pull your glasses down. " have fun!" He says and you back out the driveway riding off. You turned out onto a open road and road down with your hair blowing in the wind. " this is the dream" you say happily. An hour and a half later you pulled up in the driveway. Tony came out the door. You took the Helmet off and sat there with a smile from ear to ear. " fun?" He asked " over fun" you say smiling and turn the bike off. You give him his jumper pack. " Gibbs. I want a bike now" you say laughing. " well. We should go get one before you leave" Tony and Gibbs say at the same time and you look at them both over exited. " YEEE" you yell happily. " alright I'm gonna help you with your jumper" Tony says and wheels the bike up the driveway and leaves  it out Infront of the door. " hang on I will out the garage up" Gibbs says and he puts the garage up. Tony wheels the bike in the garage and Gibbs puts the door down. You sit at the table and continue with the patches. Tony comes over and sits down next to you watching. " who taught you to do this?" He asked " I did" you say smiling and concentrating. A while later you held the jumper up proudly and looked at it. " perfect" you say happily and rest back exhausted. " ok. I'm off" Tony says getting up. " no your not" Gibbs says. " but I don't have any clothes...." Tony says and you look at him. " you left a bag of clothes in my room from last time you where here" you say laughing a bit and getting up ready for bed. You climbed in and Tony jumped in a while later.

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