(27) ~ finished test ~

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A few days later you sat at the dining table still studying and taking the test. " I'm going out to the shops. Keep your phone on just in case. Rule no. 3b never be unreachable" Gibbs says and closes the door. You had 5 books open on the table. You answer the last question and close all the books. " HAHAHAHAHA IM DONE" you yell happily and Tony came rushing out. " what?" He asked rubbing his eyes tiredly. " I finished" you said and packed the books up and picked your phone up.
• Gibbs, i finished my test. I'm taking Tony and going to drop it off at the school. Be back soon. Cya at home when I get back• you text him. " come on wake up. Let's go. I gotta drop this of asap now" you say and grab your keys and Tony followed you out. You arrived at school and ran to the front desk. The man let you and Tony In and you plonked the folder on the front desk. " done" you say smiling. The people looked at you. " how is that possible? You where only here a few days ago" they said. " she didn't stop" Tony put in and they all looked at you. " nice hair" one of them said. " go take this to your criminology teacher" the lady says and you sigh. " come on. Time to meet the criminology teacher" you say grumpily. " what's wrong with the teacher?" Tony asks. " I always end up teaching the class" you say and speed up. In a few minutes you arrived at he criminology room and the teacher let you in. " ahh. Nice to see you again miss (y/n). You hear to teach my class this morning? " he said looking at you then at Tony. " who's this" the teacher asked. " this is Tony. My husband." You explained. " oh so your Mrs......?" He asked. " DiNozzo" Tony and you said at the same time. " hmm. And where have u been lately?" The teacher asked. " work. " you said and handed him the folder. " it's all done" you said as the bell rang.  " hmm you work for Ncis I see. Can you please teach my first class about some things while I correct this?" The teacher asked and you looked at Tony. He nodded his head in agreement. " fine. But only the first class" you say and pull out your phone. • there has been a slight change of plans. My and Tony are fine. We just need to teach the first criminology class for the day. The teachers to lazy• you texted Gibbs.
• haha, have fun. Don't be to late for work• he replies and you put your phone away as the kids walked in. " good morning class. This is mr and Mrs DiNozzo. They will be teaching the class this morning " the teacher said and sat down to correct your test. You and Tony stood in the corner and waved. You walked up into the front of the class not nervous. " morning. Welcome to the danger zone" you say looking around. "Can someone tell me what you where learning about last time you where in here?" You asked and someone out there hand up. " you" you said pointing to the kid. " nothing. We didn't learn anything. We haven't learnt anything for the last few months" the kid said and sat back. " well. I expect you to be fully listening. Today we will be learning about evidence" you say and  get out a piece of paper and a texts. "tell me. What types of evidence can you find" you said getting ready to write down. " mr DiNozzo may you please choose people" you say looking at at him smartly and he smiled and nodded. He pointed to people and as they said what you could find you wrote it down. " alright. You guys have forgotten the no.1 thing you find" you said looking up at your fingers. Everyone out there hands up. " well?" You said. " fringed prints!" They all yelled and you nodded putting it down and putting the paper on the board. " alright. Now we know what we can find I'm gonna mix this in with art class. " you say happily and Tony looks at you then at the class. " she's good!" He says smiling and they nod confused. " draw me a crime scene. Add what you think you could find there and maybe add who you would find " you say happily and the class got all happy. In about an hour you finished and DiNozzo was walking around the classroom looking at the drawings. You stood up. " alright class. Finish up and put your names on the work" you said and sat on the desk. " put your work up so I can see" you say looking at them all as they put them up. " let's see yours" one of the kids say and you hold up your a3 piece of paper. " woah" they all said as they looked at your realistic drawing of a crime scene. You signed your name on it and rolled it up and put a elastic band around it. " my bag Tony?" You asked and he came over with it. You put it in your bag and zipped it up again and took it off him and placed it against the wall. After another hour of talking about criminology  The final bell rang and you sat down exhausted. " you should be a teacher" Tony said getting ready to leave. " alright. I'm finished" the teacher said and held out a final piece of paper. You got up and ran over and looked at it. " Thanks sir" you say sadly and went over to Tony with it in your hand " it's ok. You tried your hardest" Tony said and hugged you. " what ya get?" He asked and you held the paper up smiling. " A+" you both say happily and you run out of the school and get in the car. " work" you yelled remembering you both had work you did a tight U turn and headed back to Ncis. You both climb out of the car and go to the bullpen. " (Y/N) can I see you in my office for a minute please" director Vance came out and then took you to his office. " do you know how to fly a fighter jet?" He asked as you came in and sat down.

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