(26) ~ a new hair do ~

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You arrived at the hair salon. You open the door and sit down. " next please" the lady says and you get up. " what would you like today?" The lady asked. " purple hair" you say and the lady smiles happily and sits you down. " I'll be back" the lady said and ran off to get the stuff. " wait. Come in here" the lady said and took you to the other side of the salon where there was a chair with a hair washer sink. " sit in that chair" the lady says and points to a comfy looking chair. You sit down and let out a sigh as the chair is really comfy. The lady comes back with a clip folder of all different purple hairstyles and some blue hairstyles Aswell. " you look through and choose as I get you hair ready for the dye" she says and you nod. You choose a nice looking purple and she nods going off to get the dye. An hour later the lady came back to wash the extra dye out. You sat back and let the lady wash your hair. Another hour later you stood infront of the Mirror delighted with your new hair. " it's amazing " you say admiring it. " it is" the lady says and you walk up to the front desk and pay. " here. This is the shampoo and conditioner you need to use for your hair now. Your hair won't go straw like because of the special dye and this dye will stay in for 2 - 3 years" the lady said and handed you the bottles. " thank you very much!" You say happy and get in the car. You pull out some nice dark blue ribbon and put it in your hair like a bow. You looked in the mirror of the car. " I hope they like it" you say and drive back to Ncis. " she's coming" McGee said hearing the elevator ding and they all looked over. the elevator door opened and you stepped out with your bag around your shoulder. They all watched and Tony looked at you amazed. " hey" you say and put your bag down and they all rushed over to look at your hair. " it's beautiful" Tony says and you smile. " it's a nice purple I must say" McGee said and you nodded an agreement. " I'm gonna call you grape" McGee laughed. "Haha. But I better get this test done" you said and sat down with a pen. A few hours later you had your head on the folder and you where asleep. Tony came up to you and woke you up. " hey wake up. Time to go home" he said and you woke up slowly. " yay" you said and he helped you up. You fell asleep again in the car on the way home and Tony picked you up and put you in bed and placed the folder on your bedside table. Tony put you on the bed and laid down with you letting your sleep.

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