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You woke up on the couch again with Tony the next morning. As you got up the doorbell rang. You put your Ncis jumper on and went for the door with your gun in your pocket incase. " hello, are you miss (Y/N) (L/N)?" A man asked holding a folder. " I was. I'm married now" you say. " who's asking?" You ask. " the university. I'm from the front desk. You have just never seen me" the man said. " hmm. If the university has anything to give me tell them I will get it later " you say and close the door. " alright I will tell them" he says sternly and walks away. " who was that?" Gibbs and Tony said at the same time. You turned around to see they where standing behind you. " I don't know. He claimed he was from the university?" You said then your phone buzzed and you took it out. You read the message and sighed. " I better get dressed. I gotta go get something from the university" you say and go to get dressed. " we will come with you just in case" Gibbs said and Tony agreed. You put some jeans on and a burgundy tshirt on then you grabbed your  Ncis cap and jumper and you left it unzipped. You put some black ankle boots on and came out of your room putting your hair up in a pony tail holding cap in your mouth. " slow down child" Gibbs said and you shook your head. You put the cap on and grabbed your keys. " I wanna be there before the school starts if I can" you say looking at the clock. " and we have 20 mins" you say and they follow. You climb in the car and Tony came in and Gibbs went in his car. " do I get to meet your friends?" Tony asked. " maybe. If u want and there at school" you say and he smiles. You arrive in 10 minutes due to traffic. " looks like you will be seeing them" you say and grab your university ID and Tony follows. You meet up with Gibbs and you show your id at the door. " what about them" the man says. " there with me" you say and you all walk into the building. " im here to pick up something" you say to the familiar lady in the front desk. " OOOH (Y/N) ITS YOU IVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" You hear behind you and your bestest friend came and gave you a hug. " HELLO. IVE MISSED YOU TO" you say to her. " Tony, Gibbs this is (Bff). " you say as she lets go. " (Bff) this is Tony. My husband and Gibbs. My dad slash boss" you say and Tony grabs your hand. " YOUR MARRIED?" She yelled and you smiled nodding. " happily" you and Tony say at the same time. Your bff walks up to Tony and looks at him. " hurt her and so help me  I'll rip you to pieces" she says and you pull her back. Tony stares at her like she's a maniac. " calm down,calm down. He wouldn't hurt me" you say and Tony agrees. " I gotta grab something so I will just be a sec" you tell her and go back to the front desk. The lady came back and handed you a piece of paper. " you need to change your details. Now sign" the lady says handing you a pen and you read over it signing your new name. " Tony you need to sign this. Seeing I'm taking your name" you say smiling and he rushes up exited and signs this. " Gibbs you also need to sign this. As your my guardian. But also my dad" you say happily and he comes up to sign it. " done" you say and hand the paper to the lady. She takes it then hands you a folder. " this needs to be back in and completed in two weeks" the lady says and you look at it. " what is it?" You ask. " a major test for your criminology studies" the lady says and continues back to work. " this is gonna be fun" you sigh. " two weeks with no work" you say frowning. " you can always bring it with you. We will help" Gibbs whispered and you smiled nodding your head. " let's go find the others" your friend says and pulls you and you grab Tony's arm on the way out. Gibbs just shrugs and follows. " not the boys please" you say as they come up to you. " hey (y/n). Where ya been lately?" One of them asked. " I've been at work most of the time" you say and they look at Tony. " who's this? And where'd ya get the ring?" They ask. " this is Tony. And Tony is my husband so the ring is from him." You say and tony puts his arms around you. " wow. That happened " one of them said and they all walked off. " just ignore them. " you whispered to Tony and he nodded. The bell rang. " well. We best be off. Classes start now" you say and Tony let's go of you and you give your friend a big hug. " I am gonna be late " your friend laughed and you let go. " cya. Chat soon" she says and runs off the class. " let's go. I gotta start this test" you grunt looking at the thick folder. They nod and head back to the cars. Tony offers to drive so you hand him the keys and you climb in heading to Ncis. You all arrive there and head in the building. You sit at your desk and plop the folder on your desk making a loud bang.  You rummage around for a pen. " where's my pen these days" you say to yourself and find it. " got it" you say and sit at your desk and look around. " what?" You ask as everyone was staring at you. They pointed behind you and you turned around to see director Vance standing there. You jumped and nearly landed on the floor. " your not Tony. You can't do that" you say and director shrugs and Tony just laughed a little. " looks like you got a lot of work to do" he said and walked back to his office. You pull your hair up behind your ear and nod as he walks off. You look at your hair. ~ I wish I could get it dyed purple or blue~ you think. " what's wrong with your hair?" McGee asks and you look up. " nothing. I just wish I could dye it" you say and get back to work. " what color?" They all ask. " I don't know. Purple maybe" you say. " go on. It would look nice" Gibbs says and he throws you your keys. " now?" You ask and he nods. You shrug and put the folder in your bag take it with you. Tony went to get up and follow. " sit DiNozzo " Gibbs said and Tony frowned. " I'll be back" you say and give him a kiss and run into the elevator.

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