Chapter 11: The Great Sea Dragon

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It towered over them, so high it's shadow was three times larger than the ship itself. The creature bared its teeth and let out a large screech that shook the seas. Meathil creaked her head up to look at the things face, it's eyes were black as night and scales were a deep blue. She was shaking, her fear was pasted on her face and she knew it to. Rivornor stood behind her with his sword out and ready, he knew how to use it just like any other informant. they had to protect themselves somehow. Eglanor brought out his sword too and all of the girls in her bracket moved to their defensive stances. She needed to find out a way to help them, she needed to tell her bracket what to do, or else there would be a lot of hell to pay. She looked back at the creature who was so large it made her uneasy.

"Move back away from the creature! Make sure you have your weapons ready!" Meathil barked the order and saw her whole bracket spread out. They moved along the ships deck and held their weapons high. They were ready, but she wasn't. She looked behind her to see Bellinil, standing next to the wheel of the ship. The girl stood tall and proud as her hands reached up to the sky. She saw the girls mouth move as if she was saying something, but no one could hear her from so far away. With a swift motion the girl closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. When Bellinil let the breath out a light shot from her hands, it blinded the whole entire crew including herself. When the light finally died down a bit, she saw an incredible golden border placed all around the ship. It was made of magic, a light boarder, to ward out evil. But it wasn't just made of pure light it was also made of the seas themselves. It was a mix of light and water intertwining with each other to create a monstrous boarder that surrounded the entire ship. She needed a plan, and fast. "Belinil! How long can you keep this boarder up for?" the sailor looked at her and shook her head, she didn't know? Or she didn't want to share?

"Only about three minutes, I'm sorry I can't do more."

"No that is absolutely fine! Eglanor! Rivornor! Come here!" She yelled at the males who immediately ran over to her. Their speed was impeccably fast, she had no idea they could do that.

"What do you want us to do captain?" Rivornor asked in a deep, serious tone.

"I need a battle plan to go against this monster, and I need one fast. Work together and create one, we need to take it down before it takes us down. You have three minutes." She commanded, they looked at her for a second, wasting precious time. "Go!" With that the boys rushed over to the side of the ship and started speaking very quickly. Their mouths moved so fast that their conversation was almost inaudible to any non-informants ears. Three minutes. That wasn't a lot of time, but for boarders that was a hell of a lot of time. With every second that passed, Bellinil was getting weaker and weaker. Boarders drained the power of the person holding them up, even the most powerful mages can only hold them for a minute. Three minutes, that must be incredibly hard. Her eyes drifted to Bellinil, whose eyes were completely focused on the boarder. Despite the fact that the monster was roaring and pressing it's body up against the boarder, making it even harder to withstand keeping it up. The beast launched itself at the boarder making the whole ship shake. You could hear the crushing and cracking of it as the boarder fumbled but kept its place. Meathil kept her eyes on the girl holding it up, a sailor who was also a mage. Who would have predicted it? Bellinil was starting to sweat even though it had only been a few seconds, the amount of magic needed to hold up the boarder was already taking its toll on the girl.

"What should we do captain?" Hyril asked intensively, she didn't turn to them but answered the question.

"Keep in your positions, you need to be ready once that boarder goes down," Meathil replied and shifted her body around, to be stopped by the sight of big, black eyes. The creature stared at her, and she did the same to it. It's eyes were jet black and when she looked into them, she saw no soul. There was no heart or soul left in this thing. She looked but saw nothing, until something caught her of guard. The eyes of the creature, were rippling, as if they were made of water. And inside of them, there was a small golden gem, that looked to be no larger than her hand, that shined brightly. It only illuminated a little, but it was enough that she could see it through the darkness that coated the creature. She kept her stare, never broke it once. Those eyes were not solid, they were not just pure liquid either, but a door.

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