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Connor's Point of View:

Logan came up behind me and wrapped his arms my waist earning sparks going through my body, pulling me closer to him, but I tried to stay focused on trying to shift. It wasn't working so I just leaned into Logan's embrace, he knew I was having trouble shifting.

"Kitten, do you want me to shift? He asked whispering in my ear, I shivered, but still got out a nod. He unwrapped his arms from me and walked so he was a couple steps away, he was looking straight into my eyes as he shifted.

I gasped at never noticing how freaking big he really is, I mean other wolves would be to his shoulders, but with me in human form he is as tall as me. I started to look at his eyes and think shift, I felt weird after that my bones started shifting, and it hurts. When it was all over I just stayed on the floor, until Logan came over and brought his nose to mine, he whimpered wanting me to get up. I slowly got back up and realized I was close to Logan's height, he nuzzled me and I put my head under his neck and lied down, he slowly put his head down on me.

Logan's Point of View:

I looked into his eyes as he tried to shift and I knew he was in pain, because he started to whimper and his bones cracking filled the woods. I watched as this beautiful wolf come alive, but he wouldn't get up so I nudged his nose with mine and saw him getting up, only to nuzzle him. He slowly came over to me and lied down under my neck. I lied down on top of him and closed my eyes as his breathing slowed, he is mine and my beautiful...
What is he color is he? You'll have to read to find out..

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