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Pen Your Pride

hiers (when Zach chasing his twin billionaire son)

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Hey darkness what are you looking at,,,baka maging dark din ako stop staring at me.
Unggoy di na baleng darkness Basta me coconut shell angas nituh porket mayabang...este mayaman..
What did you just say,,nothing coconut shell..

Ito si rain isang top scholar ng eskuwelahan pagmamayari ng mga waste,naulila ng ina mula pagkasilang,,,
Na iniwan din ng ama sa isang tiyahin na kinalakihan niya
Hi rain me problema ba,si brylle na tanging laging kakampi ni rain since high school begun.
Nothing brylle you know me I can handle every single thing under my skin..
Let's go were late in the documentation nalalapit na kasi ang graduation at isa si brylle at rain sa mga promising student na magtatapos ngayon taon.
We're not done here ms. darkness ,anu bang kulang Zach can you just let go of me for now were late
She's the only girl that pisses him so much,,a girl who has a misfortunate in this exclusive school ran by his family and only rich people can afford to study..
But this girl has something,full of confidence to submit his documentation back in grade school which the entire staff and including his dad never had a second thought of saying no to her diplomatic remarkable grade.

And the only girl who doesn't noticed how popular he was,she doesn't even care in the hell that he is the only son of the owner of this school..
Ang isa pang nakakainis sa lahat ng taong malapit pa dito ay ang kaisa isa nyang best friend ang tanging naging kakampi nito na si brylle.

Why your always doing that to Zach rain? Which one brylle?balik tanung nituh..
the thing that you two guys are always in fihgt...
have you seen me started the fight,do i look like that so ugly that he has to call me darkness? Tell me brylle,sighh.

No your not in fact I once ask you to be my date in a valintines ball but you rejected me remember?
Because your to good to be escorted by me,girls will kill me if I did that hahaha,they both fill to laugh each other.
Malapit na pala uli yong vb have you ever plan to go with me for the last time?

The answer is no brylle,I don't even thinking to go in a ball mahirap lang ako Para bumili ng Kung anung pampaganda,
beside I have to take my job,

What if I'll pay your day,I'll pay your clothes wanna go date me,still no she replied. Ouch brylle sigh hahaha..
On the day of the ball rain never give a shit to dress up for the ball nalalapit na ang final exam kilangan nyang makuha
ang scholarship to go college in new York to take business entrep.
So she keep her self bussy studying in a library,Samanta lang ang entablado na pagadarausan ng kasiyahan ay bussy for those student whose excited to bring thier dates in a circle...

On the other side Zack can't focus on one thing this is the last time he could have a chance to date rain,but how this darkness woman doesn't give a shit on how her last valintines will gonna be last,
all she cares is how will get the damn shit escolarship so she could move to new York and study,,

he can even ask his dad to give it to her but her ego is never ending.
Think Zach or else you loose her for the rest of your life,

the hill I care she's not my type by the way,,yeahh right Zack admit it you do like this girl since the first time you lead your eyes on her,.
And finally he chooses to find this stupid girl so she can ask the last strange of chances he could have with her,
He found her in the library,,hey darkness can you come with me for a sec.
What's with you young man don't you see am burning my head for the final why don't you just leave me alone and do your stuff.

Yes I do,,, while smiling so fishy,,leave me alone for once I need to study I can't let the chance go, to study abroad,
damn it I can even give it to you..
Nope thank you but I can do this with out you,,your to confident huh do you,?

A Rude Billionaire..when Zach Chassing His Triple Multi Billionaire ExBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!