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Four: The Date ..... O-O

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(Your wearing the outfit above)

Your POV

"(Y/n) Wake up! It's your date with Ross!" Jess yelled throwing a pillow at me. "Damn is this how you wake your kids up?!"I joked. "Haha, come on I already picked a super cute outfit for you" Jess said dragging me to the chair that had the clothes on it. "Ok Jess I get it your used to doing this to your kids but I can put out my own out-oh my this is so cute!"I exclaimed when I saw the outfit she had picked out.

~Time Skip~

"This is such a nice place Ross" I said sitting on the gold leather chairs. "Adam showed me it" He responded. "Oh and uh just so you know I can't really keep a conversation going." I warned. "Oh it's ok I'm sure we can find something to talk about" Ross said looking around.

~omg another time skip cuz it's 3:25am and I'm lazy~

"The food at that place was really good" Ross said as we walked out of the place. "Yeah well I should call Jess to pick me up" I said getting my phone out and calling her. "Hey Jess.......oh no.......well where am I gonna stay???....... K bye" "what was that about?" Ross asked. "Oh well Jess has the flu and one time in grade school(elementary school) I got the flu and almost died, so Jess does what she can to not get me sick." I answered. "Oh well you can stay at my place if you'd like" Ross offered. "Well I guess so" I shrugged.

~Another one ~

"Ok well here is the apartment I share with Max and Tim Tim (correct me if I'm wrong) I guess you can sleep on the couch" Ross said pointing to the couch. "Uh ok" I mumbled. To be honest it didn't really look that comfy and I was right I couldn't sleep all night.

"R-Ross can I come in here with you? It's just that the couch isn't that comfortable." I said peeking my head through the door. "Uh yeah let me just get you a pillow" Ross said.

3rd Person POV

As Ross was looking for a pillow you got under the covers and waited. When he finally found one you laid down facing the celling and after a while of just thinking you finally fell asleep.

I have stuff planned for next chapter! Yay!!! Sorry about the short chapter :(.Well that's about it Bye❤️❤️!!!!

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