Whispered Words

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Hey so this is my first story, keeping the intro short hopefully my grammar won’t be too bad, and I hope you enjoy.

Monday mornings were never my favourite, but as the alarm buzzed me awake a smile leapt across my face. The summer holidays were over and it was my final year of high school, and I turned 18 in two weeks time. The timing was perfect! Leaping out of bed I rushed towards the bathroom leaving my alarm clock buzzing. I stepped out into the hallway and dashed into the white tiled bathroom shutting the door as a small body rushed towards the door. Smiling I shut the door and locked it as several loud knocks “Alex! God dammit!” I laughed as I turned the shower on letting it heat up.

“Sorry Maxie, snooze you lose!” I shouted back reaching out to touch the water testing the heat, yes it was definitely hot enough now I thought stepping in to the steamy water. I was washed within 5 minutes and was cleaning my teeth with a towel wrapped around my lithe body. I’m not egotistical but I couldn’t deny that I had a good body, I was 5’8” I had a slim athletic body, which was due to cross country, I had short choppy hair that was always messy (bed hair as my brother called it) my favourite thing about myself were my hazel eyes which I had inherited from my gran. Leaving the bathroom Max rushed in slamming the door behind him almost knocking me over. Grinning I returned to my bedroom.

Time to get dressed I grinned once again taking out what consisted of my school uniform grabbing my black skinny jeans which I always favoured instead of black school trousers I chucked them on the bed, I wonder how long before I got in trouble for wearing them, I then reached for my usual set of under wear, I had to dress to impress of course. It was a lacy number for today seeing as I had p.e. Putting my jeans on after that I reached for my white shirt with long sleeves, rolling the sleeves up past my elbows I finally reached for the schools blue and silver tie. Sighing I walked over to my vanity table I texted a few of my friends and began my little makeup routine. My face was mostly pale so I usually would add a bit of blusher and my eyeliner to make my eyes stand out a bit more. Finally I began drying my hair into its usual short messy state. Sniggering I grabbed my school bag slung it over one of my shoulders I headed downstairs.

“Alexis Grant!” eurgh it was my mum, I rolled my eyes

“Mornin’ mum.” I said tentatively wondering what I was in trouble for this time.

“Breakfast first! And do you have to dress like a boy?” she asked.

“fine” I replied picking up a slice of toast and placing it in my mouth. “And I like the way I dress” I said mid chew.

“okay!” she replied rolling her eyes this time, “are you giving Max a lift to school?” she questioned. I nodded while chewing my toast while texting my best friend. My phone quickly buzzed back a reply as I read it max came into the room looking smart wearing the proper school uniform unlike me 

“Hey alex, not seen you in ages! You ready for school! I’m not argh!! See you in p.e. woo L love ya Ali! Xxx” I grinned my friend Alison hated p.e. where as it was my favourite subject I quickly texted her back as I turned to my younger brother and asked him if he was ready. He nodded as he picked up four slices of toast, we said our goodbyes as I grabbed my car keys and headed towards my car sitting on the drive. My car was a huge blue old land rover defender it was a monster of a car and as strong as a tank and I loved it, it had been a gift to me when I had passed my driving test. Stepping up into I I pulled out the drive and headed for Calton high school. 

Pulling into the school car park Max burst out the door running towards his large group of friends, even though my brother was the biggest geek in the school, captain of the chess team, he still was extremely popular and a lot of girls in his year would give me love letter to give to him. I laughed again and was away to swing my bag over my shoulder as I locked my car when I crashed into someone. Catching my balance before I came crashing down a small yelp was let out. To my right there was a girl with long dark straight hair and glasses sitting on the floor her books all scattered around her. She blushed as she looked up at me “I’m so sorry, I’m so clumsy” she said quickly gathering her stuff. I laughed and bent down to help her gather her notes and books. “That’s a lot of books you have, especially for the first day?” I questioned

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