Beth swung her legs over the cot and climbed from the top. As she made her way to the cell door she heard Maggie clear her throat. "Where were you last night? I came to your cell and you were gone, are you okay?" Beth nodded, "I wanted to go for a walk," she innocently stated. Maggie sighed, "Carol's making food, it's just squirrel but there's some left if you're hungry."

Beth clutched her grumbling stomach and nodded once again. She made her way over to Carol who smiled at her and offered her a bowl of squirrel which Beth denied. "Uh, do you know where Rick is?" she asked the older lady who shook her head, "You should eat, you're looking a little pale," Carol said, placing the back of her hand on Beth's forehead. Beth pulled away.

"Actually, can I have something to eat?" she said, changing her mind. There was a brief silence as Daryl swaggered over and, with a bowl in hand, helped himself to another lot of squirrel. "S'cuse me," he muttered to Beth.

She widened her eyes at the sight of Daryl's bare arms and moved out of his way.

"Carol," Beth said, "I was wondering if you know where daddy's bible is," she asked her. Carol handed her a bowl and shook her head yet again.

"Well, thanks anyway," she sighed, taking her bowl and sitting at a small table across from Carol, where Daryl was sitting. "Hi," she said carefully. He looked at her, acknowledging her presence, and went back to eating his squirrel. Beth screwed her nose up in disgust as she bit into the burned black meat. She pushed the squirrel around with her fork and dropped it. As it clang against the plastic of the bowl, Daryl looked up at her and forked a piece of meat into his mouth, smirking at her as she frowned angrily at it. "Don't blame the squirrel," he said. Beth sighed and placed her napkin on the table as she stood.

"I'm going to pray," she told him, pursuing her pink lips against her porcelain skin.

Beth walked into her father's cell but his bible wasn't there. She lifted up his pillow and sighed, dropping it.

She turned to leave and gasped. "Oh, sorry, I thought this was my father's cell, I was just looking for his bible," she said to Daryl, frightened. He sighed, "You don't need to be scared of me, just don't let me catch you in here again," he grunted gruffly. Beth nodded and walked past him, flinching as he moved, scared that he was going to hit her. [A/N: I know Daryl doesn't really have a cell but I really wanted to write this part]

"Beth?" Hershel called. Daryl scoffed as Beth made her way past him. "I ain't gonna hit you, girl," he said. She nodded slowly.

Daryl sat down on his cot, with his head in his hands.

What made this girl so special? Why did she think she could look around everyone's cells without asking? What if she had found- Daryl stopped himself before he could finish and walked back out, crossbow over the shoulder. "Hey, Grimes, I'm going out to hunt," he said. Someone walked up behind him softly and Daryl was met by a pair of angel blue eyes, "Can I come with you? Daddy said I could," Beth muttered, staring up at him admiringly.

He grunted, handing Beth his gun from his pocket, and turned to look at Rick, who nodded. "Stay close, girl," he told her.

Beth held onto her gun tightly and kept a finger on Daryl's back to guide her. "Sorry," she said shyly, stepping on his heel. Daryl grunted again, angrily, and raised his crossbow. "Don't go wandering, if I lose you Hershel will stomp my ass," he whispered roughly.

She tapped his back with her index finger, "No cussing!" she told him off. Daryl shrugged it off and she followed him more closely as they left the gate.

Carl closed it behind him and told her to be careful, offering her his gun, which she kindly denied, showing off the gun Daryl had handed her. The younger boy was impressed by the weapon she held so confidently and once again muttered to her to stay safe before walking off.

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