Chapter 5

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Harry walked in with Louis under his arm, walking up to the women at the desk, saying "reservation for Styles please." as he looks down at Louis, seeing him look around in awe.

The waitress leads the two to the a table in the back where it's more private, leaving them with their menus.

Harry pulled out Louis' chair, smirking as he saw Louis' shy smile and a rising blush upon his cheeks, walking around and over to his own chair where he sits down, immediately taking the menu in his hand and flipping through it.

Louis looked at the menu, completely confused at the fancy words and foreign language most of the menu contained. He kept looking through it before deciding to choose off from the minimal amount of pictures they had, picking the dish that was some type of ravioli. He pointed it out to Harry who nodded and ordered his dish as well as his own, ordering them both some red wine and water.

"So.." Harry started out saying, thinking of a way to start conversation.

"So?" Louis questions, tilting his head in slight confusion.

"So what's your favorite thing to do in your free time?" he asks as he folds his hands in his lap, paying all his attention to the small pixie like boy in front of him.

"I.. I like to bake? Like.. cupcakes and basically anything sweet? Or read..?" Louis said, somewhat in a tone that sounded questioning.

Harry chuckled lowly, looking up and replying with a thank you as their drinks were brought to the table, taking a sip of his water, turning back to Louis. "What was the last thing you baked and was it for a specific occasion?"

Louis looked down at the table as in thought, biting at his lip gently before looking up and saying "I baked some pink cupcakes for a friend of mine for her birthday!"

Harry smiled as he watched Louis' excitement, enjoying the way he was opening up to him, already deciding he was going to make him his one day, the wide smile he gave him that paired with the crinkles besides his eyes stirring something deep within him. Harry snapped his eyes up at Louis when he realized that he had zoned out for a couple seconds, giving Louis the short answer of "Well, looks like you're going to have to bake me something soon, right, princess?" causing the feathered hair boy to blush at the sweet little nickname.

I'm kinda proud of this chapter and I don't know why, oops?

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