30 - Oops...

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Luke (Age 6):

"Drop off the dry cleaning, go to the grocery store, go to Mikey's for rehearsal, stop by the studio, pick up the dry cleaning, get Y/N, come home, start dinner," Luke said to himself, recounting everything that he had to do today. He set off on his journey, checking off everything in his head as he completed a task. But, somehow, getting you seemed to have escaped his mind.

You stood outside of your school with your teacher, hoping that one of the cars coming into the school would be your brother.

~2 Hours Later~

Your teacher, Mrs. Novak, led you inside of the school, deciding to call Jack, after telling her that your parents were out of town and Luke forgot you, to come and pick you up from the school.

Mrs. Novak told you that Jack would be around in just a few minutes so she led you outside again, a few tears slipping from your eyes.

*Y/N's POV*

Why did Luke not show up? Doesn't he love me?

I was shaken from my thoughts by Jack coming over to apologize to Mrs. Novak. "I'm so sorry, Mrs. Novak. I promise this won't happen again," Jack said, shaking her hand before picking me up and walking to the car. I finally lost it and start bawling with my face in Jack's neck. Jack put me in the car and I asked, "Jack, does Luke not love me?"

"Baby, I'm positive he loves you! Maybe he just forgot, yeah? Wanna go get some ice cream before we go home?" I nodded at Jack, playing with my hands in my lap as Jack drove to the ice cream parlor.

Michael (Age 14):

Tonight was your big championship basketball game! Your parents apologized profusely for not being there, and you understood, their trip was planned long before this game was even a question. This meant that Michael got to come see you play!

You had gotten a ride from your friend's mom to the game, assuring her that Michael would be there to take you home after the game. You were pumped during your pre-game drills, getting tons of baskets and really working as a team. You looked over to the bleachers, noticing an empty seat.

He's just late, he wouldn't miss this, he promised!

You kept trying to reassure yourself, not wanting to lose your energy. The game started and, after your team huddle, you were ready to crush your opponents.

You made it to halftime, the score 33-20 in your team's favor. You looked over again and saw that Michael still wasn't there. Where could he be?

You shook the thought from your head again, ready to get back on the court.

The game ended, and you won! After seeing, yet again, that your brother didn't make it, you had to call Ashton to come pick you up.

Ashton: "Hey, Y/N! How was your game?"

Y/N: "Great! We won!!"

Ashton: "Congratulations!"

Y/N: "Thanks! Um, can you come pick me up please? Mikey never showed..."

Ashton: "Of course, babe. I'll be there in 10 minutes."

Ashton pulled up and you got in the car, wiping the few stray tears that had fallen whilst you were waiting. You thanked Ashton, and then let him take you home, you just waiting to get your hands on Michael.

Calum (Age 20):

Your car has definitely seen better days than what you have had lately. You are just trying to make enough money to afford all of the damages. Of course Calum offered to "help", but you wanted to prove that you could handle yourself even when times got tough.

The one thing you asked Calum to do was to take you and get you from your classes and, since they were fairly close, he agreed. After he dropped you off, he headed straight to the studio, determined to get most of his vocals for the next album done.

Your class finished and you waited outside of the building, hoping your brother would soon appear to take you home so you could start the mounds of homework you just received.

~30 Minutes Later~

Calum had yet to show up, so you began your homework at your current spot. You had gotten a decent way into your work before you checked your phone, expecting a text from Calum... nothing. You finally gave up and just decided to call Mali since you knew she was home writing today.

Y/N: "Mali?"

Mali: "Hey, babydoll, what's up?"

Y/N: "I've been waiting for Cal to come get me for almost an hour and he never showed, can you come get me please?"

Mali: "Give me 15 minutes, love!"

You thanked her before hanging up and deciding to send your brother a rather harsh text message:

Thanks a lot, Cal. I don't know where you are and right now, I really don't care. Mali is coming to get me since you obviously don't care or love me enough to be here when you knew I needed to be home. I guess I'll see you if you ever come home. It's great to hear that the band is more important than your own sister.

Ashton (Age 17):

You often have panic attacks which result in you not being able to get your license. Ashton had volunteered to drive you wherever you needed to go when he was home so that he could spend time with you and decide if you needed to get help before he left again.

Today you had to stay after for track practice, which you told Ashton, and he told you that he would make sure he was there to pick you up.

~After Practice~

You gave practice your all and basically sat like a wet and limp noodle whilst you waited for your brother outside of the school.

~1.5 Hours Later~

You decided that you just couldn't wait any longer so you began the walk home. You didn't really live that far away, which was a blessing for you.

You were about half way home when you saw a group of guys, probably in college, gawking at you from across the street. You kept your head forward and tried to ignore them, but they wouldn't let that happen. They ran over to you and crowded around you, sending you into full panic mode.

They saw you have a full on panic attack and they just left you alone, leaving you to sit on the side of the road. You don't really know how long you sat there but you had finally calmed yourself down and it was dark outside. You quickly ran the rest of the way home and ran through your front door to see Ashton sitting on the couch, phone in hand, not seeming to be worried at all... Boy. was he gonna get it...


Hey everyone! Thank you guys so much for your patience! I'm trying to write more often and I'm hoping to get back to a kind of regular schedule. Does anyone want a part 2? Love you guys! ~ Morgan x

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