YN's P.O.V

You wake up to loud talking... Yeaaa my cousins are here *You thought to yourself as you said sarcastically*. You went got up and took a shower and did all my hygiene stuff. You put on a purple shirt that says 'DOPE' on the front and my skinny jeans with black and purple hi-tops shoes. Also with my hat that says "DOPE". You went down stairs and ate breakfast.

YN: Goodmoring Mama

YM ( Your Mama): Goodmoring YN

YN: Goodmoring Tyler, and Mackenzie

Tyler and Mackenzie: Goodmoring

You get finish eating and head off to Imani's house.

Imani's P.O.V

Hey im Imani (pronounced E-money) YN's best friends/ cousin. Im 16,nice, pretty, cool, funny, and sweet at times but if you even try to fuck with me or my family the wrong way I will go to jail for attempted murder. Don't come at me. I get up to music blasting in my house. UGHHH I hate when its loud in the morning. I got up and did all my hygiene and put on a green crop top that says "SWAGG" and skinny jeans with green and black hi-tops shoes.

YN: Hey Imani

Imani: Hey

YN: U ready to go get Gabby

Imani: Let me eat first tho


I went downstairs and ate breakfast then left with YN to go to Gabby's house.

Gabby's P.O.V

Wasssup niggas its Gabby, YN's best friend. I'm 16, nice, cool, funny, and pretty.I get up and do my hygiene and stuff. I put on a crop top that says "PRETTY GIRL ROCK" with skinny jeans and blue and white hi-tops shoes. I go downstairs and see YN and Imani in the living room.

Gabby: Hey YN and Imani

YN and Imani: Suppp

Gabby: Nothing...

YN: Ima text Aubrey and see where she at

You and Imai: K

-Text Convo-

YN: hey Aubrey where u at gurrl

A: Ima meet yall at school... K?

YN: OK see u there


YN: She said she gonna meet us at school

Gabbyand Imani: K

I eat breakfast and we leave going to school.

YN's P.O.V

We get to school and mingle at out lockers with each other but then 4 new boys come up to us and starts talking...

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