Chapter One - The Day

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Authors Note: Bear with me everyone! This chapters is an introductory chapter. At the end I will post a character list to clear up any confusion! Comment and Vote!!!

Lots of Love, Kenzie ❤️ Kate

I awoke with a start, blankets clutched in my fists. The dream played back in my mind... I had been classified as an incompetent, a drain on community resources. Instead of being assigned a job,home, and a life partner I would be cast aside to the outskirts of our civilization, Brooks Commonwealth, to rebuild and recreate the structures still damaged from the dry war. Thankfully, it was just a figment of my imagination. A recurring one at that. I have had this same dream for the past week, an unconscious affirmation of my fears for this year's census.

Occurring today, August 16th, this annual meeting for commonwealth is special for me. It's my assigning year. Today is the day I learn what my future holds. I will be assigned my occupation, residence, and my life partner. Answerless questions roam through my mind. Will I still live in Ford? The division I have lived in all my life? Will I get a respected occupation? Even with my many insecurities about today I know I won't be classified as an incompetent. My school marks are high and my record clean.

My thoughts are disrupted as a twenty-five pound weight lands on me. I look up to see my youngest sister Nevaeh sitting on me, waiting for me to get up. We recently stopped putting her in a crib and she shares a bed with me now. She seems to think it is her duty to wake me up each and every morning. I pull back the covers and shiver. I grab Nevaeh and cringe as my bare feet touch the freezing floor.

I think about my family, eight members in all. It's pretty average but I've been told that before the war people were limited to two children per couple. I find it odd because we are encouraged to conceive as many as possible. So many people died in the dry war. The few survivors pulled together to begin again. The post war leader from what was called the United States was Terrence Brooks, hence the name Brooks Commonwealth. It took a while to get a civilization back up and running especially when birth rates were so low. Because of radiation from nuclear weaponry and effects from biological warfare many people couldn't reproduce. Still we struggle with the problem generations later. My parents obviously didn't have that problem.

My mother had her first child at eighteen and the rest followed shortly after. My brother Ryker was first. His assigning ceremony was two years ago. He was granted the occupation of Director of Education. Our government consists of eight directors for different aspects of our nation. Being selected is a huge deal and since he is a director he lives in the Council Division. He wasn't assigned a life partner and though that sometimes happens it was a bit of a surprise but I guess he works better alone. After Ryker came me, Carmen. At an anxious age of sixteen I am awaiting my assignments. Following me was Maisie. She is fourteen and is the sweetest girl. We are very close and I am going to miss her dearly. After Maisie I got my first little brother, Terrence. Twelve years old now he is a carbon copy of our father. He works hard and is eager to learn. Ryker, Maisie, Terrence and I make up the older half of the Louis children. We get along very well in comparison to the younger few.

After Terrence came Addeline, the now ten year old drama queen. As much as I love her she is an attention seeker. Not that I blame her with the amount of siblings we have. Just as Addeline was developing her strong personality the twins, 7 year old Sean and Scott came along. Both of them are very smart but use their knowledge to prank people. You can never be too cautious about them. Lastly, was Nevaeh. Thankfully she seems to be sweet like Maisie. But at two years old it is hard to tell. Hopefully this morning impatience won't last.

I put my finger to my lips and she repeats the gesture knowing to be quiet so we don't wake the whole family. I turn the doorknob and open the door slowly to prevent the screech of the old hinges. Addeline and Maisie, who we share a room with stir but don't wake. I trod down the hall to the kitchen where I pour a cup of milk and cap it. I hand it to Nevaeh as I set her in the old pine baby seat my father made for Ryker long ago.

As my usual routine I start to prepare porridge on the old stove and start to slice fresh fruit. Turning my head when I heard the creak of the old wooden floor, my mother comes around the corner and offers me a bittersweet smile. Today will be the last day of my childhood and dependence on my parents.

She plants a kiss on Nevaeh's forehead and walks over. "Sit down, and I will finish breakfast."she says and I give her a small smile and sigh. I am going to miss the little things like making breakfast for my family. I pull the dishes from the cupboard and retrieve the spoons from the drawer and set the table, catching myself when I go to place a dish at Ryker's spot. After two years I still can't break the habit. I think of his empty seat and realize that soon mine will be barren as well. I pour milk into each glass remembering that the twins like them full and Addeline only drinks half. Tears spring to my eyes at the thought of leaving. But I sit down and wipe them up as my family comes in and we enjoy our meal together. I eat little. I can hardly stand waiting to find out my future.


Chapter Two is way more eventful and it gets better from there! Thank You for reading and just below is the Character List! (More characters are added on throughout the plot) Feel free to Vote! and follow me.

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Character List

Carmen Louis - Main Character

Ryker Louis - Older Brother

Maisie Louis - Younger Sister

Terrence Louis - Younger Brother

Addeline Louis - Younger Sister

Sean Louis - Younger Brother

Scott Louis - Younger Brother

Nevaeh Louis - Youngest Sister

Characters mentioned but not named:

Maria Louis - Mother

Daniel Louis - Father

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