Chapter 9

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Reader's POV

Your knees buckled from under you, and you fell. It still lingered in your mind, taunting you.

You still to this day don't know who the man was, all you knew is that he was attacking your friend.

Your necklace seemed to glow, and lightning struck in front of you, like it was trying to wake you up from your vision. Yet you were unfazed. All that mattered was finding out what happened.

You knew how Mavis died, but she did look like a spirit. She told you in you're dream. You never knew if it was real but you did hope it was.

Zeref and Mavis were close. They loved each other a lot. They never dared to tell each other. Then one day, Zeref kissed Mavis.

She loved it, but she died because Zeref was made of just dark magic. Zeref never stopped crying, then the book of Zeref grew from his emotions and he wanted to be stopped. More than anything.

You slowly walked to your friends who looked at you. Your hair covered your eyes, leaving shadows. You all walked in silence. They saw.

They saw your weakness. Help me you thought. And it was true. You were a Divine Warrior and supposedly had no weakness. But that was way wrong.

But now it is in your mind. The song she taught you. When you got to the inn you sang the song.


You sighed. What a long day.

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