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Who is this boy? 

       He is shivering.  His socks are soaking wet. Why isn't he wearing shoes?

        His wet hair falls around his face in perfect, almost golden curls.  He's biting his lip and his cheeks are flushed.
        "I hope you're not embarrassed.  This happens all the time.  Truly."  I say, trying to break the tension as we walk toward his room.
         "There is no way that this happens all the time."  He responds with an edge to his voice that sounds like something close to laughter.  His cheeks grow even more red.
         "Okay, true, but this isn't even in the top five of weird things I've encountered in this city."  He doesn't respond to that.  He pushes forward and stops in front of a door.
          "Thanks for walking me up here.  It wasn't necessary but I really appreciate it."  He quietly says, ashamed, and then I realize, for the first time, that he has an accent.
          "Wait. Is that a British accent? Are you British?" I ask. My interest is growing by the second.
           "I live in London."  He answers.  He seems uncomfortable.
             "Shit. You're a long way from home."  He nods at me, clearly finished with the whole experience.  "Right. Hey, look, I live just a few blocks away.  I don't know how long you're gonna be in the city or anything but, if you want someone to show you some cool places to hang, here's my number."
       I always keep a pen on me in case a bit of inspiration hits me and I have to jot an idea down.  I pull it out of my back pocket and write my number down on his forearm.  His face goes red again.  I smile at him, hoping that some of this heavy awkwardness fades away. 
          "It was nice to meet you, Eli."  He opened the door and slipped inside his room, leaving me alone in the hallway with a goofy grin slapped on my face.

            It was nice to meet you too, Simon Snow.

*Author's note:  Quick little update for you guys!  Sorry that it's been so long!! What do you guys think of Eli so far?*

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