Chapter 36 *PART 2*- First Dance

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Chapter 36

First Dance

PART 2(Finale)



Ty grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me closer to him, so we were nose to nose. I was pissed off for how he was treating me, but I had to remember he was human and I wasn't. If he were to fight though, I would try and use the minimum strength.

People started noticing that Ty and I were about to get into it, so they directed their attention to both fighting parties. I tried to look back to see if my girl was ok, but Ty just made me whip my head back around. Now that almost set me off. She is my mate and I wanted to know if she was ok, but no, this asshole has to get in the way.

I growled lightly and saw him flinch. That gave me some satisfaction knowing I scare him. I smirked at the feeble human boy and saw nothing but blind rage and another emotion.


I saw him make a quick glance behind my back and then back to me. That's when it clicked. He was the guy that claimed Teagan was his girlfriend on Facebook. Prick but I got where he was coming from. He liked her and was willing to act like a douche just to be with her..But he was still an enemy.

I really didn't want to get into a fight right now. Maybe tomorrow or the day after, but not tonight. Ty pulled back his fist and held it up and was ready to strike when someone's fist rammed into Ty's face instead.

It was Alex.

People gasped and took a step back. I probably looked like a deer caught in headlights, but this was a shock. My brother, my uncaring, badass brother just punched someone...for me? I wasn't sure. I knew my dignity was already smeared by Alex but I didn't care. I looked at Alex in awe and wonder, but he was just glaring at Ty on the floor. Finally, he scowled at Ty then moved his eyes up into mine. His green eyes pierced mine, but held no emotion. Though it did send one message.

This means nothing and we aren't finished.

I nodded in understanding and Alex turned on his heel and walked away, leaving onlookers gaping at what just happened. Ty was on the ground groaning like a girl, but finally scrambled up and glared at me. He was glancing around making sure Alex was gone. When his eyes turned back onto me, I saw pure hate and anger. He already had a black eye forming.

"This isn't over, I will get her. Whether I have to dispose of you or not." He said with venom seeping into his words and I knew he would try and keep his promise. Then, he stalked out the gym, but not before sending me one more glance of hatred. My fists were clenching as I wished I did hit him. But soon my attention was captured by Teagan swearing very naughty words. I quickly made my way over to the other half of the crowd who were watching the girl's fight.

When I got through the crowd, I saw Teagan holding back..Quincy, I think was her name, by her arms while Quincy was trying to lunge for Carrie who was being held back by some guy from the football team.

All three girls were somehow in someway, covered in pink paint. Carrie was trying to keep her wolf from coming out, Quincy just looked murderously at Carrie, screaming at her for 'ruining her dress' and 'getting pink paint on it', but Teagan, well she looked at the whole situation humorously.

She looked beautiful. Even with her dress a little messed up, her hair getting tangled, and her makeup smearing, she looked like a goddess. A very hot, sexy, rugged goddess.

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