A Few Weeks Later

After the whole Diamond thing, everything seemed to be back to normal. No more Diamond, no more violence. Just Larry, his bèbè and Gabby. Gabby has been getting better since the incident has happened. They help her with anything she needs and she seems like she really is sorry for what she did. They may forgive her but they will never forget it. Ever. After everything happened, Laurent has been protective over Larry and he loves that. He feels like Laurent cares so much about him and Larry feels the same way about him. When Laurent gets protective, Larry falls in love with him more and more and he wants to show him how much he loves his twin.

Right now, Laurent is upstairs taking a shower while Larry is downstairs making dinner. He begins to stir the Fettuccini noodles as he puts the garlic bread in the oven. While Larry is cooking, he starts smiling, thinking about the littlest things. To Laurent's smile, to the way his nose crinkles when he laughs really hard, to the way his lips feels against his own, to the way his tight, warm hole feels around his hard, long length. Thinking about making love to Laurent is making Larry's length jump up with excitement. He turns off the stove and takes out a strainer, straining out the water from the noodles. He tries to think of something else but his mind continues to go back to thinking of Lau and his moans. Thinking about this is making his boxer briefs tighten, almost painfully, around his length. Groaning, he drops everything in the sink and turns off the oven, taking out the garlic bread and also dropping that in the sink. He then turns around, to see Lau walking into the kitchen without a shirt and sweats which are dangerously low, making his v-line visible. Laurent looks up and smiles at him, showing his pearly whites.

"Hey baby. What you cooking?" He inhales a deep breath and moans from the smell, making Larry's dick twitch. As Larry slowly walks over to him, he answers his question.

"I cooking Fettuccine Alfredo with garlic bread bèbè....I know it you favorite so I decided to make it....just for you..." He reaches Lau and wraps his arms around his waist, pulling him closer. Laurent then chuckles and looks into his eyes, smiling at him.

"Aww, thank you Larry but you did no have to do that...whatever you make is my favorite." Larry smiles back and leans in, kissing him passionately. Lau gladly kisses back and wraps his arms around his neck. They continue kissing for what seemed like hours until Larry starts walking them backwards. He backs them up against the kitchen counter and picks Lau up, setting him down on the counter. They continue kissing while Laurent grabs the hem of Larry's shirt, raising it up and over his head, dropping it on the ground. Larry grabs Laurent's sweats and slowly takes them off with his boxers following. Larry pulls away from the kiss, lips swollen and slightly pink and looks down, groaning from Laurent's erection. He notices precum leaking from the top and licks his lips, leaning down to lick it all up. He opens his mouth and wraps his lips around the tip, slowly letting his tongue swirl around, causing Laurent to moan softly. Loving the sound of Laurent's moans, he does that a few more times before taking him all in, making sure to get all of him and grab the rest that is unable to enter his mouth. He then starts to bob his head, hallowing out his cheeks to make the friction Lau likes. This earns a few more moans, only louder and Lau grabs Larry's hair, tugging on it softly.

"Shit Larry.....no stop....." After he says that, Larry immediately goes faster, the sound of smacking and moaning could be heard throughout the kitchen. Larry continues to go faster, taking Lau into his mouth deeper and he moans louder, practically screaming his name now.

"Fuck Larry!! I....I coming!" Larry then goes incredibly fast hearing what Lau said and continuously sucks his tip. Laurent's cum suddenly shoots out into Larry's mouth, some dripping slowly down his chin. Larry sucks up every last drop and looks up, seeing Laurent with his eyes drooped low and panting. Larry smirks and stands up straight, leaning forward and kisses his lips softly.

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