Catfish Sequel (XIUKAI)

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Kim Minseok..Kim Minseok.. that was all Jongin could think about. After reading that lyrical letter the first thing he did was observing his mind whether he could remember someone named Minseok. All he knew was that he's got to be a schoolmate and somebody who peeked in his dance studio twice per week. The way he wrote...the way he expressed his heartfelt feelings...everything matched to the person he met months ago so well. Obviously, Kai was shocked and he didn't dare to think about all these intimate things he actually exchanged with the same gender. At the same time those words the anonymous left...couldn't slip past him without tearing his scars further apart. He still loved Min. But did this mean that he could be able to love Minseok? 


The sweet melody of the song "Let me know" overflowed the practice room and whenever Kai was reminded of his old days dancing to his favorite songs when he was younger, he couldn't help to crawl his lips up into an content smile. This day was special to him like no other , because after many weeks of silence he had decided to sent a last message to his "Babygirl". 

" My dance training starts at 3pm this friday "

Kai began to move and started to sense the beat all over his body, from his fingertips to his toes. It was the only thing he was passionate about, the only thing that could make him drown in his own fantasy world and yet the only thing he had left. Everything was forgotten.. which was probably the reason why he didn't hear footsteps getting louder and closer. The stature moved it's fingertips, following the rhythm by tapping them on the wall across the room, watching innocently. Suddenly the music stopped but going unnoticed , causing the figure to keep it's gaze focused on the piece of art, which's  name was Kim Jongin.  

The same Kim Jongin whose eyes are locked with his own right now. "M..Minseok?", he hushed almost in apprehensible. The heat was getting bigger and worser especially for the flushing boy across the wall who stopped moving at all, as if Kai might hadn't seen him if he did. "Jongin...", he croaked out and damn he could've smacked himself for letting the other hear his voice for the first time in this condition. Minseoks heartbeat was unbearable , heavy and he'd probably couldn't even steady his weak legs if the wall wouldn't be supporting him by now. He felt such an embarrassing shiver all over his body , he felt guilty about a man like Jongin meeting a guy like him instead...especially when his eyes were so stuck on him. He had never been this close to him before. Well, at least never in reality.

From his head to toes.. He was smaller than him but surprisingly broad and owned such a well-formed body which didn't quite fitted his shy look. Those chubby cheeks, cat-like eyes he might stare into for too long and those plump parted lips were giving the word perfection a meaning. The past days, Kai always had spent thinking about the girl he truly loved that had actually turned into a man and it never suited the ideal picture he was looking for in a future. He'd never imagined he would ever think about holding a males hand, kissing him and well be boyfriend and boyfriend. But... 

it wasn't the only thing that held him back, was it? 

"Why did you lie to me..?", was the only thing that popped out in Kais mind and the first thing that made him speechless again. - Both of the boys, left the sticky room and Minseok was the one suggesting a coffeeshop to visit. 


"I'll take a coffee and a tea for him, please", Minseok smiled as the waitress nodded before disappearing around the corner. Jongin felt a sudden cramp in his chest area...he remembered that he always preferred tea over coffee because he didn't like the taste of it. "So..", Jongin coughed awkwardly, he easily realized that he was not the talker type.  

"Listen I...I want to apologize properly to you. I..I lied to you. But I couldn't talk to you since I was already thousand percent sure that you weren't into guys and when I saw your Facebook... I couldn't add you with my profile picture on it. I randomly saw you crying in front of your house while heading home and I wanted to hug you so badly, wanting to tell you that everything would be alright but...I only could make you feel better as Min. At least that was what I thought at that time. I admit that I realized how I became the person I wanted to avoid to be...I became the person that hurt you the worst. I couldn't take it especially when you desperately wanted to hear my voice...I panicked and just made up new excuses. I knew this all would come...the day I need to say goodbye to you but I always wanted those moments with you to last a little longer even if they could not be intended for me." 

The way Minseok fiddled with his shaky hands or him failing miserably not to stutter whenever he met Jongins eyes - the way it meant so much for him. Jongin had never felt this way before. Not even when he was with Min. It was way more beyond that. His heart almost fell out of his body, was already ready to forgive Minseok, ready to shut him up with kisses and it made Jongin went crazy. He was so crazy about him. Crazy enough to forget all his lies, crazy enough to erase his pain and slowly the picture of the girl in his mind faded away and got replaced by another one... by Minseok. Kim Minseok who had been there from the beginning. He got him so crazy in love.

"You could continue your guiltiness overtaking you, continue wanting to forget me and say goodbye...", Jongin began mysteriously. Minseok gave him a questionable look, jumped a little at the sudden gaze upon his hand and feeling Kai's breath so dangerously close, didn't make the situation better at all.  "...Or you could kiss me" 

Within these words, Kai stopped the teasing and started roaming his goods over his lovers lips hungrily. Finally, they thought, too much time passed by and they never had the chance to steal a kiss from another. Minseok tried to ignore his blushing cheeks and only pushed forward, trying to taste more of his lips. Kai smirked, which didn't stop him from leading the elder's clumsy hands up to his neck without leaving his lips behind. Too bad they needed breath in-between , though. Or too bad the waitress came before they were going to use their tongues. 

", sir", she bleeped in a higher voice but what would you do in her state, seeing two hot males ruining their faces with kisses and you already got your job almost fired because your boss caught you watching yaoi in your shift ? 

"Oh!", Minseok embarrassingly pulled away from the drug ,called Kim Jongin's lips, before taking his coffee in his cold hands. Jongin gave him a cheesy smile not without pecking his reddening cheek and whispering :"You're just like I imagined my future lover to be"



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