Chapter Ten::The Deal

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  Raina sat upon the hillside, looking out at the hideously beautiful building in awe. There was nothing special about this place, apart from it's iconic structure, but it's dullness and lack of anything bright reminded her of home. And that brought a strange sense of comfort with it. She missed Deepwood Motte in a strange way. It had been her home for so long it felt odd to be away, even if her family that once lived there was now torn apart and scattered to different parts of the country. Delvin, the eldest, remained in King's Landing as far as Raina knew, though not much had been heard from the Glover heir. Finn and Raina were obviously both at the Twins, and Esme remained at Deepwood Motte, more than likely being forced into the engagement Raina so nimbly avoided. Thinking of that made a metallic taste arise in Raina's mouth, one that sourly reminded her of a sickly aftertaste that she'd prefer not to have to endure. Esme was by far her least favourite sibling, but thinking of her having to undergo such a betrothal made Raina feel nauseous. They had never seen eye to eye, and Esme was always the perfect daughter; neat hair, the best gowns imaginable, and unbelievably well behaved, whereas Raina, not so much. Raina never braided her hair like her sister, never wore gowns like her sister and certainly never behaved like her sister. She played with the boys, she wore breeches and left her hair in whatever state she had found it in. She would get messy, and dirty, she would skip her lessons and 'embarrass the family' by her choice in attire, according to Esme. But although they were dissimilar, they were still sisters, and Raina would never wish such a fate on anyone, certainly not family, even if Esme did always wish to be married off to a Lord - she should never have to marry a Lord like Ramsay. If he could even be considered a Lord.

With her mind still elsewhere, Raina hadn't noticed Robb approaching, nor had she registered the fact he had spoken to her. "Ray?" She heard out of nowhere, causing her to flinch as she spun around. Laughing softly at her reaction, Robb stood casually nearby. Looking at The King, Raina found her heartbeat ceasing to slow down when she lay eyes upon him. There had been something about him, something that had been egging on severely inappropriate thoughts in Raina's head, it was almost settling to be a serious distraction. She hadn't ever felt such feelings before, and now proved to be an ill-timed occasion for this sort of thing to arise. "I did not mean to scare you. I'm sorry." The King chuckled, smiling widely at the small frame curled up upon the hillside. "You would have been had i fallen," Raina taunted, eyeing the sheer drop that lay ahead of her. Laughing again, the King took a seat beside her, casting a solemn gaze out towards The Twins. Something weighed on the King's mood, that was clear; or at least it was to Raina. She could see by the way he held himself today, most days he walked with pride but still like any other man fighting in this war, but today his head hung low, and his shoulders slumped under his heavy armor. She dared not say anything, but it appeared the Twin's had dampened his aura quite substantially. The way he glared at the two-headed building was almost with distaste and disgust, a look you'd expect to be thrown Joffrey's way by almost every man in all The Seven Kingdoms.

They sat in a peacefully awkward state for sometime, not wishing to ruin the tranquility, but at the same time they were both desperate to break the lull that had formed like ice. The King seemed so depressed and forlorn that all Raina could think to do was lighten the mood, but in her current state of dejection she found it difficult to think of anything relatively cheerful. With her brother being the furthest thing from family she found in her current predicament, Raina discovered it to be quite hard to focus on anything else, let alone someone else's issues. Yet there was something inside of her that urged her to ask, something that pushed her to comfort him in his time of need and melancholy. She couldn't quite identify what it was that made her wish to be his shoulder to cry on, or his support in whatever circumstances, there was just this compulsion to do so. And it was only once she had heard herself speak she had realised how intrusive she had actually been. "Is everything alright today, your grace?" He had turned to face her, upon hearing her voice, though he said nothing. This was what reminded her of her place around here, and that asking such a question without invitation could get her in a substantial amount of trouble if she was not careful. It was only when the King chuckled slightly, his crystal blue eyes not faltering away from Raina, that she realised Robb had not taken any offense. His chuckle, however, and his smile did not seem real, in fact far from it. They seemed forced, as a disguise. And once they had fallen again, his true expression came out. He was conflicted, and distressed to say the least. He didn't say anything for a brief moment, though the look he gave said it all.

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