Chapter 2- Falling Behind

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Louis' POV:

Me and Eleanor were walking to our car as people kept saying horrible things about the band and that we should all be dead. Once we got in the car my point of being famous wasn't very swell anymore. I much needed a break.

The man driving soon got to Eleanor's and I gave her a quick kiss on her soft lips and hugged her goodbye.

"Don't let those people bring you down babe." I said to her as I help her out of the car.

"I won't. I promise." She spoke quietly back at me and walked into her house.

I sat back down in the car and closed the door. A tear slipped out of my eye as I felt my phone vibrating. I soon picked it up and answered it. It was management.

"Come by the studio right now, we all need to talk about something serious," a deep voice spoke loudly.

"I'll be there in a minute!" I snapped and hung up the phone.

"Go to East Pea Ridge, 6325 Street. Step on it." I told the driver and he did so.

I feel mixed emotions inside. Thinking about all the hate we all receive is almost unbearable for any of us anymore. I'm so confused in my thoughts. Why do people just simply hate us? What have we truly done to anybody? I just don't understand. It's so aggravating. I just hope for the best. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst..

We arrived at my destination as I see all four of the other boys standing for and waiting for Marco to let us in.

"What is this all about?" Zayn questioned.

"I've honestly got no idea." I answered.

We hugged each other as we greeted each other as we usually do when we see each other, which is quite a bit since we are a band. Obviously.

Marco's POV:

Me and the rest of management have been deciding what to do for the boys. We are aware things are getting out of hand and they need a break. So we've figured something out with a family. Far away. I hope the boys see it's the best for them as well. There's just nothing else we can do for them.

"Are you sure about going through with this?" I question Jake.

"Yes, we all think its the best for their safety. You can tell they need a long deserved break." He answered.

I nodded my head and walked to the door.

'This is what's best for them. They need this.' I kept reminding myself along with the others.

As I opened the door, all of the boys walked in looking unhappy because of the long wait.

"Please take a seat boys," I told them loudly.

They all sat down tiredly.

"What is this about?" Zayn questioned.

"Well.. We all think you boys need a break."

Niall's POV:

"Well I think you boys need a break." I heard Marco state clearly.

All of us look at each other worriedly.

"You guys will be going in hiding for a long while," he spat.

"What's the catch?" Liam spoke.

"Liam?! Are fucking crazy?! All you want to know is the catch?!" Harry stood up and snapped at everyone.

"Harry, you know it's getting to be a bit much.." Liam calmly spoke.

"It's alright boys, just let us explain." Marco cut in.

Harry sat down and everything got quiet.

I myself, am not believing everything that's going on. It's almost like I can't help any of the boys anymore. They can't take this hate anymore. They haven't changed but, it's beginning to anger them. We almost can't keep our tears in. We are all very happy and happy with where we are in our lives, it's just that hate and rumors are bringing us down one by one.

Marco's POV:

"We all think its best that you guys go into hiding far out into the country," I told them softly, "you have to follow all of our rules while you are in hiding, and we will check up on you often to make sure everything is going smoothly. Now are you ready to hear everything else and go through with it?" I questioned all of them looking into their eyes. It's almost like they are talking to each other in their own secret language. It's how they look at each other.

"Yes." As long as we can keep in touch with our family's and loved ones." Harry stated as if they had all agreed to that understanding together.

"Of course!" I reassured them.

"Okay, then we are in." Niall said.


I walked in as they had all of their things packed and were wishing their loved ones goodbye.

"Now, their are things we need to mention." I reminded them.

They all nodded.

"You will be located in Ashland, Kentucky in the back woods if Kentucky. It will be just you guys, and the young lady that owns the house,"

"Excuse us?" Liam asked.

"Let me finish explaining!" I snapped, "she is 17 years old, you guys have to watch her the time you guys are living in her fathers house. Her father and brother are going into the army. They will be gone the morning before you get there so it will be just you guys and her. The house is on a nice farm, and lots of land and trees. You practically live in the middle of nowhere, so no one will find you. If you go out in public wear things that makes you different. Your names will also be different while your out. Doesn't matter what it is, just make one up."

They all sighed and nodded.

"We will be okay." Zayn responded.

I nod. "Time to get in on the bus," I told them as I walked them to a quite different bus that is very old and dirty. They all put there things in the camper/bus and hugged me goodbye.

"Forgot to tell you that you will be in hiding for 6 years and you have to help the girl you will be living with in school," I said right before they closed the door to the bus and started their destination.


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