5. And the Truth Will Out

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       September 4th

       Agent R. Harris discovers the truth about Special Operations.

       Ch. 5: And the Truth Will Out

       Date: September 4th

September 4th, two years ago. I remember it clearly; more clearly than I remember anything else. Of all the days I existed before this one, I lived a lie. And then the day came. And my life changed forever.

           .          .          .

       I wake up to a bright white light surrounding me, blinding me to the point where I have to snap my eyes shut again. I wait a full ten seconds before I peek through my eyelids. When I’m sure it’s safe to look I search for the source of the light, my eyes scanning over my room’s TV screen, loveseat couch, and bedroom dresser before they land on the windows.

       The curtains are drawn away from them. Why? I don’t know. I don’t even know when they were moved.

       But instead of leaving the questions lingering in the air I force myself to get up. I find my way to the bathroom and brush my teeth, and then sluggishly descend down our carpeted stairs, stopping abruptly when I get to the sixth one.

       About halfway down I can hear voices speaking. Mom and Aaron. As I get further down the steps I see the shadows of their figures moving against the wall, but I can’t see their actual bodies. Listening to their quiet whispers, I realize they’re around the corner. If I can’t see them, then they can’t see me.

       I decide to listen in. Again.

        “We need to get going, Aaron,” Mom’s hushed voice tells my brother. “They’ll be waiting for us.”

       Aaron’s shadow hesitates. “I wanted to tell Ray we were leaving first.”

        “We might be back before she even wakes up. Let’s go.”

       After the words are said, Mom’s figure vanishes into thin air, as if she’s gone inside an invisible door.

       My eyes widen and my heart races inside my chest. That’s impossible. There is no door around that corner. There isn’t.

       I start to wonder if I’m going crazy, but then I decide not when I watch Aaron’s shadow follow after my mother and disappear before my eyes.

       And then they’re gone.

       I quickly stumble down the stairs with my vision blurring a bit, trying to see where they went, but I can’t make sense of anything I’m seeing. When I turn the corner I find myself standing in the exact position Aaron and Mom were. But there’s no door or window; there’s only a peach-colored wall.

       One that resembles the rest of the walls in my house.

       I’m suddenly filled with frustration. They were just here, and now they’re gone. How?

       I burn a hole in the wall with my eyes. This is insane. With a clenched jaw and hard footsteps, I step cautiously towards the wall. I know what I saw. They disappeared into this wall.

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