Scot: You were walking in the hallway and tripped. He then helped you pick your papers up and then your eveys met. He had the most beautiful brown eyes in the would. You then knew he had something special about him.

 Stiles : You were the new girl in school and had no idea where you were going. He saw you struggiling and help you find your next class. Oldly enough you both had the same period.

Derek: It was dark outside and you were talking a walk. A Werewolf almost attacked you when Derek pushed you out of the way. He saved yur life. He introduced himself and you to instently clicked.

Isaac: You went to go vist ypur mom at her grave. He saw you crying so he came over to cheer you up.


I hoped you like it. :) and ill do updates as much as i can. Please vote and comment on what you think. Thanks :) 

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