Ch. 22 Pinned Down

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As Beth became aware that Russell was stroking her hair as they leaned together trembling and spent, she realized that she had a very serious problem. One night was never going to be enough.

Russell stirred and Beth immediately suspected he would say something about friendship and ruin the rest of their time together. So she said the first dumb thing that came to mind.

"Did we just reenact your seventeen year old self getting hot and wild on the beach with a cute surfer chick?"

He tightened his hold on and chuckled. "Only in my hottest, wildest, wettest teenage dreams did I ever do that on a beach," he said, kissing the top of her head. "Do you want to go back to the bungalow to sleep tonight? I can get the camping gear and stuff down tomorrow."

"What do you prefer?"

"Whatever you prefer."

Beth had a hunch that he preferred going back to the tent, but that he assumed she did not. She decided to surprise him, keep him off guard with her answer. That, and sometimes you have to grab opportunities that life hands you on a platter, because you might not get another chance to take what's being served.

"Let's camp tonight," she said.

"Are you sure? It won't be as comfortable."

So he was worried about her comfort; that she was fragile and might break. She was tougher than he obviously thought. "I'm sure. If I don't camp tonight, I might never do it. Besides, all my clean clothes are up there."

Speaking of clothes—they both looked at each other, standing buck naked and feet in the sand.

Beth started laughing first. Then Russell joined her and searched for their scattered articles of clothing in the dark. Beth stuffed her sandy underwear in her purse and Russell put the used condom very carefully in his pocket.

"Hate to think of some turtle choking to death on this," he said ruefully. "There's a public restroom with a shower next to the parking lot. At least we'll be clean for camping."

Beth ducked in the bathroom to put on her suit in order to shower outdoors—there were still some clients coming and going from the restaurant. It was dark enough for Russell get away with wearing his underpants. He beckoned for her to join him under the shower head when she walked out of the toilets.

He must have taken some of the hand soap from the restroom and he washed off her back and upper chest for her. The combination of cold water, warm air and the hesitant, thrilling touch of Russell's fingers had her heart fluttering and heat stirring between her legs only seconds later.

"Beth, by 'tonight' did you mean the whole night?" he asked.

"I'm pretty flexible when it comes to time, you know. I'm not too complicated," she answered, hoping he would take her hint. They did not have to limit themselves to a set (short) time-frame: tonight until dawn, tomorrow morning, all of next week. Whatever worked.

"So the deal is for all of tonight," he said. He pressed his chest to her, his erection coming to life in the small of her back.

"We'd better get you off this parking lot."

She took his hand to run to the car. The drive to the campsite was nearly an hour, but luckily, they could park about twenty minutes away from the tent. The hike was not too strenuous, plus, Russell had a flashlight app on his phone, so they actually found the tent in the dark.

As soon as she crawled in the tent on all fours, Russell was attacking her; tugging on her suit and skirt, nipping and kissing, lavishing attention on her with his hands. She gave as good as she got, twisting around to wrap her legs around him.

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