" Oh " Camille said feeling jealous

" Waiter !  " Zar called 

" Yes what can i get for you ? " the waiter smiled

Then one by one we all gave him our orders . Then he walked away

" So Zora why did you stole my boyfriend " she chuckled evilly and crossed her arms

This BITCH ! How dare she asked me that question when she knows i didn't !

" Wel- " Zar cut me off

" I happened to like her more than you " Zar said pulling me by my waist and it sent shivers down my spine

" You only want her to have one night stand with you and when you'll get it you are going back to me " she winked at me 

" Well he likes me more than you because i don't get two boys at one time " then angry face was shown in my face , i just wanna slap her face and kick her butt

She stands up and whisper something in my ear " I'm going to get him back "

" Well you have to reach the moon for that " i whispered back , with that she stormed away out of the restaurant 

" What did you do ? " Zar asked smiling helding his arms like i'm his bride

I stood up " Just a little bitchy word " i simply said

" I'm impressed " and we head back home without eating.


It's saturday and i can't believe days just past by , i sighed as i heard some knocks on my door and opened it 

" Hun i'm going to Korea to see your dad " she smiled hoping for positive answer

" And ? " I asked

" Uhm , I meet some lady whom a call my best friend and we talked about you and i going to Korea " there's a long pause " Your going to stay with her for 3 weeks " 

It's not that hard though

" Okay mom when are you leaving ? "

" Tommorrow morning " 

" Okay " i smiled . And shut the door 

I grabbed my big blue bag and put my toothbrush , pj's , dresses , toiletries , and other things that i needed . I only did this for mom & dad so they can enjoy having a moment since they didn't meet for 2 years


Now it's sunday time for me and mom to go on separate ways 

" Mom are you ready ? " I asked 

" Yes dear " She smiled " And you look cool with your looks

I'm just wearing a gray skinny jeans , a loose pink top and a pink high-heel . Don't hate me i just love pinks

" Thanks mommy " i smiled back

" let's go " and we leaved


" Here we are Zora " She held me out of our car 

" Wow " was all i could ever say the house of mom's best friend is really beautiful with the big garden in front where flowers bloomed so nice.

" Yeah " she nodded

We knocked the door five times and the door answered it 

" YOU ? " we both said 

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