Hello everyone i've deleted my story well the same story due to short chapters but now will be long :D


The world was full of mistakes and regrets some of us just really can't move on with it , but what if miss perfect will meet Mr. Jerk ? What will happen to them in the end ? Find out !

" i am not going anywhere ! " i shouted to my best friend , you know some friends fight 

" yes you will young lady " she raised an Eyebrow , AAGGHH ! i just don't want to go with her to the restaurant with her stupid boyfriend !

" but why ? can't you go without me ? " i sounded annoyed

" Whatever you say girl just go with me! " she demanded

" Fine , but " there's a long pause " I'm not going to talk to him much , because you know I'm not good at that "

" Okay . Then i'ts settled " she sounds excited , then i just fake a smile

She walk towards the exit to my room , well i don't know why but i'm not going to stop that demanding girl ever living here on earth , I know I know she is my best friend but on how she acted it sounds very weird

" i'll pick you at six so get dress . I don't want you to look evil with my boyfriend " she rollled her eyes   and walked shutting the door behind her

well this is going to be a long night and I'm freaking sure i won't like it , i wonder what i'm going to wear. I looked to my pink watch , hhmmm 4:30 i have 1 hour and 30 minutes to find what to wear this night .


Zora's P.O.V

And here I am waiting for that crazy Taylor to come , i'll kick her ass when she arrives . That mean girl 

10 minutes later 

" Oh there you are ! You are very early you know " i said to taylor who has just happens to come

" You are very gorgeous on your look girl " well that's true I almost spent 1 hour seeking every single angle on the store just to find the right dress to wear, well it's a pink casual above the knee of course, it has tiny flowers on it , exposing my back , it has a blue ribbon on my waste , i wore my pink high-heels, put a little make up on , and especially a simple pony tail would do it.

" Whatever you say " i rolled my eyes and hoped on the car.

We did a little chatty and I didn't even notice we were in the front of the Hilo restaurant .

we walked inside the restaurant it's a new place for me though i've never been here before, it really is a nice place for couples.

" Hey Zora , this is Lewis " Lewis smiled on me " And lewis this is my best friend Zora

" Hey Lewis " i smiled at him of course he smiled back

Then the waiter appear in front of us disturbing my smile , OOHH! i wanna slap his face

" I hate to interup but here's your menu . Suit yourself " as he headed to another table

On the other side of the table I notice some hot guy , wew he really is hot ! he is wearing a blue skinny jeans with a simple black shirt . I caught him looking at me of course i didn't look to him back it's embarrasing you know

" Excuse me Zora but i hate to say this " there was a long pause from Lewis voice " You see that guy wearing a black shirt over there ? "

" Yeah , Kind of " i said innocently

" You'll have to stay with him bec-" I cut him of

" You're joking right ? " i chuckled nervously

he shaked his head signaling a no answer

" Look i'm sorry but we have to have a private date " Lewis said scratching the back of his neck

" Fine, but make sure this guy wouldn't break my mood " i rolled my eyes to taylor and headed towards the unknown guy

I really have a feeling that this guy isn't really good to talk around 

" What are you doing here ? " the guy asked annoyed 

" Excuse me ? " i shouted 

" Oh you are that person !! " we both yelled in unison 

" So you are that boy ! " I said that word too loud and then everyone was staring at me with confused expressions

" Hey BITCHES ! Mind your own bussiness ! " i smirked to them and they go back for who the hell knows what their doing

" So ? As if i care ? " the crazy boy snaps me out from my thoughts . But before i could speak he opens his mouth again . " Miss I don't even know your name so sit down " he rolled his eyes

I just simply nodded. Well his the boy that makes me look crazy while i'm on an singing audition , he throwed me a tomato then booed at me !

" What ? " I asked him since i caught his eyes staring at me

" Nothing , as if i cared looking at you " he smirked

well i have to say but it hurts i don't know why

" Shut up Asshole ! " 

" Why would I ? "

" becaus- " i paused " Nothing never mind " I simply said

Then the waiter is heading to us

" well maam , sir what can i serve you " he kindly asked us

" lasagna " i smiled

" Same " that jerk added

" OK " the waiter listed and dissaperead 

there's a long awkward silence and i decided to speak first

" So what brings you here ? " i asked . He suddenly scrunched he's eyebrows

" I mean here at the restaurant " i rolled my eyes as if it was pretty obvious.

" None of your bussiness freak "he simply replied 

Well if i'm gonna stay here well i'm gonna loose all of my temper , this boy is killing me to the bones ! not to mention he's cute

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