Chapter 1- Why did you take the people who meant the most to me?!

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"Grace, Hazel, will you come downstairs please?" My father calls up the stairs.  I put my supplies down and climb upstairs.

"Oh, hi  Grace.  You were in the basement?"  He asks.  I nod.

"Hazel, hurry up!"

"I beat you, loser!" I stick my tongue out at her when she finally comes downstairs, which she mirrors.

"Girls, please, at least try to act your age."  We turn to dad, who is now seated at the table facing us.  We pull out chairs slowly, and sit down, trying to figure out why he called us down.  It's obviously not time for dinner, so why are we here?  Luckily Hazel voices the question that was floating around in my head. 

"You are here because we have to tell you tonight's plan.  Caleb is taking Matthew and Xander out to the zoo and your father and I are going out to dinner.  The boys should be back around 8:45 or 9:00 depending on  traffic.  9:30 at the latest.  We should be back by 10:30 latest." My mom said. 

"Why are you telling us this?" Hazel asks.

"Because I felt the need to tell you why the house will be quiet."

"Alright.  Thanks for telling us.  I'll be in the art room, ok?"

"Alright, honey.  Paint us something pretty." My dad said.

"I will." I promise.  I walk back downstairs.  I can faintly hear my parents talking to Hazel but as soon as I shut the door, all sound vanishes.

I pick up my paints and squirt some onto my pallet.  I dip my brush into the red paint, and put it against the canvas.  I go over some of it in white so it's highlighted in pink.  When I finish with my main point of the painting, I start the background with black paint, and dot it with white to make stars.  That's when I start to zone out and let my inner artist out.  1 hour later I put my brush in the sink and wash out my pallet.  I walk upstairs.

"Did you finish your painting?" Hazel asks from the living room.

"Not yet.  I just got most of it down."

"Ok.  Want to watch t.v?"  She asks.  I nod.

"What are we watching?" I question.  She holds up mean girls and the Brother's Grimm.

"Mean girls." We say at the same time.  I laugh.  She pops it into the d.v.d player and we rush to get some popcorn and chips and sit back down just in time for it to start.  I drown out the rest of the world and focus on the movie, and my twin.  I feel my eyes closing about halfway through the movie, and soon I'm dreaming.

"Grace!  Grace wake up!" A voice shouts.  I feel little drops of water falling onto me and pry my eyes open to see Hazel crying.

"Thank god!  Come on, we have to go to the hospital!" She shouts.

"What happened?" I ask.

"C-Caleb's car crashed with a drunk driver!  I don't know if they're okay or not, they wouldn't tell me anything over the phone."

"Do mom and dad know?" I ask with my eyes watering.

"Yes, they're already there.  Hurry up!"  We run out to the car and I drive us to hospital.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The lady at the front desk asks us.

"Caleb, Xander, and Matthew Jennings, please?"  I say hurriedly.

"Are you immediate family?"

"Sisters."  She types something into her computer and shakes her head sadly.

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