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Today was the big day.Austin Mahone was coming to your hometown and it was your goal to get him to note you.You couldnt help but think about all that could/would happen it the future if he did notice you.Austin was a big part of you life..Even though he didnt know who you were,,he helped you get through alot in life..Like when your mom left you with your aunt and never came back.All you had to do was play austin mahone's music and everything seem to fade away.

As you were getting ready to head out for the concert Everything about austin came to your mind again.You were so hoping something big would happen.As it said in a thousand of  magazine that austin always look in the crowd for the 'right girl!' and you were hoping and wishing that it would be you

You looked up at the clock and seen that it was almost time for you to headed out for the concert.As you were driving you looking out the window and as austin's tour bus.It was soo huge and amazing.When you pulled up you ran up to the gate to get to the front of the stage.

As you got through the gates you ran past everyone and made it to the front of the stage and waited for the concert to start..As austin walked onto the stage you didn't know what to think or feel.

You were looking at him and then his eyes wander over to your.You didnt know what to think.You were looking dead at him and he was looking dead at you.

He smiled and started to sing some of his songs..Then he said "alright alright time to sing one less lonely girl" all the girls went crazy and so did you.He looked around the crowd and then pointed at you.David came over and helped you on stage.You looked at austin as he started to see to you.When he was done you had tears in your eyes.This was your big dream to see him and be in this sit to see him up close and in person.

When he was done with the song he helped you off stage..As the crowd slowly went home you,looked around hoping to see austin one last time before you went home.But sadly you didnt.

Before you headed home you stopped to get something to eat.As you pulled into taco bell you saw a bus.You thought it might be austin but quickly let that leave you mind.As you walked into the store you looked around and saw austin,david,alex,rob,and zach.You didnt know what to think.Austin and the crew were sitting right there.

You tried to make it like you didnt see them.But you heard austin say "thats the girl that i couldnt take my eyes off during the concert" you smiled at the comment and ordered your food and sat at the table near them.As you were eating you looked up to see austin now sitting in front of you.

"hello!' austin said."hey" you said with a smile."so whats you name?" he asked looking at you."im (y/n)" "nice to meet you" austin said with a smile.

As the night went on you and austin sat there and talked and got to know each other.

Before you left he grabed your arm And pulled you into a huge! "here" he said.You looked at it and seen it was his number.But you pulled your phone out and handed it to him."put number in phone" you said.And he handed his to you.You watched austin take a silly pic and then you did the same.

He handed back you phone and kissed you on the check and walked off "ill text ya later" he said and you got into you car!

You couldnt believe that this was happing to you!

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