JINHWAN ~ Good Morning

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Note: I'm actually planning to make sad imagines ✌



"Good morning lil' sunshine." I softly said in his ears and kissed his cheeks. He yawned while stretching his arms.

"Why you woke up so early _______?" Jinhwan said with his eyes still half open. He sat on the bed beside me while trying to look at me straight. He looks so cute showing his small eyes.

"I woke up cause you hugged me too tight. But still, I enjoyed you hugging me since last night." I winked and we just chuckled. I wish I'm not burning right now.

"I just miss you and your warm hug. You're still wearing my white shirt? It looks big to you. But you look so beautiful and cute." I glanced away and smiled, trying to hide my feels.

"Yea. Stop making me feel like this. It's too early in the morning." I poked his arm. He giggled and suddenly pushed my shoulder, making me lay down the bed again. Me below him.

Uh oh, what is he planning to do?

"You forgot something baby _______." I furrowed my eyebrows. I can't breathe easily cause he's face is so near to mine. My heart is beating so fast like it's gonna explode!

"Wh-what did I forget?" I stuttered. Who will not stutter in this kind of situation? Imagine, Kim Jinhwan over you. This hot guy is trying to seduce me again.

"Aish~ guess it." He muttered. His hands is still gripping my wrist. I'm still wondering what is the thing I forgot.

"Yah Jinani what is it?" I asked. He suddenly gave me a smack of kiss on the lips.

We stared at each other before I realize what just happened.

"That's it?" I said and teasingly smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"I didn't felt anything on my lips. Try it again." Okay I'm being too eager with him kissing me. This is not good for my health.

"Yes ma'am." He said and kissed me again. His soft lips fighting with mine. It feels like I'm floating outside the universe.

"Good boy." I said and we both laughed. We stood up and headed outside his room.

"I'm hungry. I know you are too." I went to the kitchen and prepared some pans.

"Yea, I badly want to eat you I MEAN to eat some eggs and bacons." He emphasized his words. He smiled at me like he said nothing inappropriate.

"Just shut up you little rat." Jinhwan pouted and I just continued cooking. He's just sitting on the table at my back while staring at me.

"_______..." I tilted my head, looking at him. He then stood up, back-hugged me, while putting his chin on my shoulder.

"I'm so lucky to be your boyfriend and to be your soon-to-be husband." He said and we both chuckled.

"You should also name yourself a good kisser." I joked. I was surprised when he gave me again a smack of kiss... on my neck.

"You love my kiss huh?" I hid my smile and glanced away.

"No. Not just love, but I am already addicted to it." I said and he wordlessly hugged me tighter.

"If you're addicted with my kiss, I am addicted to you, _______." Jinhwan replied and did what he usually does, to kiss me on the lips.


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