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So yesterday when the Carter's we're over my mum and dad decided that it would be a good idea for Jason to give me a ride to school. Well there isn't anything wrong with the guys it's just the thought of turn it up to school with a boy who is probably part of the popular crowd. That doesn't mean I wasn't popular back home I was, I had a lot of friends Mya, Rachel, Jake etc and who I miss dearly. If course I will keep in contact with them through Skype or Facetime but I have the feel it that our attachment has grown more distant and it will stay like that. But the glares and the looks I will receive from everyone when I turn up with him will be too nerve racking. I want to me friends and fit in but I know that hanging around with Jason will boost my popularity level through the roof.
So here I am getting ready for school. The school is called Rival High and from what I know from Jason that it's big an they have a school American football team. Sounds cool in my opinion. As I look through my wardrobe that consists of mini skirts, designer clothing etc that I have now received due to the money left from gran to me. Also I was given the new IPhone as a present. I decide that a red mini skirt with a white tank top and a red leather jacket should cut it. No offence to those girls who usually when they go to a new school try and hide in their clothing, I want to stand out. I spot a pair of cute brown boots that would just go perfectly with the outfit.
All I need to do know is my make up and hair.
After half an hour of doing my make up and hair I look into the mirror and can I say I love what I see. Cute, hot but not over done.
" Freya Jason's outside" my mum pops her head around the door and gives me an approving smile
"Whats the saying honey?"
" wear it, love it , keep it" I roll my eyes and flash a grin.
I grab my bag and before I walk out my room I give my mum a kiss on the cheek and walk down the stairs.

Outside I see Jason with a Motorbike. He looks so hot leaning against it but then it dawns on me
I will need to ride on that with him to school!!!!!
No, nope not happening
He grins at me as he sees my fear.
I have always had a fear of motorbikes!!!!!!!
" it looks like the angel fell from heaven down into hell and back up to earth again, because angel you look hot" I know I shouldn't do this but I couldn't resist walking down the path with a sway making him look me up and down.
"Oh honey you haven't seen the best of me yet" and to be extra cheeky I add in a wink which leaves his mouth hanging open. I pat below his chin
"Close your mouth honey don't want you to choke now do we?" He closes his mouth and smirks
"Anything for you angel we both know you would miss me if I died" he takes the helmet that was hanging from the handle
"Here angel don't want to ruin your pretty face" I take the helmet and put it on his head
"You need it more than me and I am not getting on that thing!!!!!" I step away from the bike but Jason grabs me by the waist,lifts me up on to the bike. He gets on and grabs my hands.
"Hey" I protest even though there isn't any point in doing so.
"Just grab around my body and hold on tight" I do as he says and hug on to him so right I can feel the vibration of his laugh.
Then suddenly that's us away!!!!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When I feel us stop I open my eyes which I had closed tightly during my near death experience and see we are now at school.
"Angel you can let go now" he says, I let go and try and get off the bike.
"Help please my legs are like jelly" Jason laughs but gets off and grabs me off the bike and holds me up
"Better?" He murmurs, I nod
"Good" I look at the school and it seems like Jason is right, it is a big school. There are a lot of students glancing my way and probably thinking what is she doing with Jason? Who is she?
"Yo Jason, over here!!!!!" A voice shouts Jason and I turn to see group of boys coming out way. Jason grins as the boys hold their hands up for a hi five
"Everyone this is Freya she is just new here and I hope you will all respect her ok?" He glances around all the boys and I stick my hand up and say "hi"
Jason points to the boys and says their names.
Emi:who is a small cutipie, he has dark hair that falls over his forehead and deep dark eyes. He is quite hot but looks mysterious.
Jake: he is taller than Emi, he has brown hair and brown eyes but looks more like a class clown.
Alec: brown hair, blue eyes, quite tall.
Emi looks at me and asks
"So why did you move here?" He gives me a grin which I gladly returned
"My gran past away and left her house to my mum so my mum thought it would be a good idea to move out here so here we are" I waved my hands around
"Well I'm glad you did" he glances at me when he says this
"Wh......" I am cut off by the ball and I see all the students start to head inside.
"Right come on princess lets get moving to the reception" Alex says swinging his arm around my shoulders.
As we head inside I realise that Emi and Jason are missing, I turn around and see them talking
"Hey you guys coming?" I shout and their heads turn and they smile
"Sure thing kitten" Emi says and him and Jason make their way over to us.
First being called princess from Jason but then it changed to angel, now being called princess from Alec and now kitten from Emi. What's with the nicknames!!!!!!!

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