Chapter 27

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love:

Evelyn looked up at Zayn and for the first time that night, her face softened. She was incredibly touched by the amount of effort that Zayn had gone through to ensure that the dinner went as smoothly as it could.

“Thank you.”

Evelyn placed a piece of the duck in her mouth and the blissful taste filled her mouth, a warm and fuzzy feeling enveloped her body in the form of childhood happiness.

“Is it nice?”

“It’s delicious.”

“Good,” Zayn smiled. “So, have you called your family yet?”

 Evelyn tensed.


“I…” Evelyn stuttered hopelessly as she struggled to find her voice.

It was difficult because the evening had been so sweet and wonderful so far and all Evelyn wanted was to keep that amazing atmosphere and – for the first time – leave without a single argument.

“Evelyn, is something wrong?” Zayn frowned, looking concerned.

“I… Well, no, I haven’t called them yet.”

“Really?” He smiled and looked over at the clock hanging over the fireplace. “Maybe if you ring them now they might still be up, if you leave it any later then they might be off to bed and asleep.” He winked at her, his voice laced with an unfamiliar kindness.

Swiftly, he stood up from the chair and bolted out of the room like lightning then back again before Evelyn could even blink her eyes.

“Here.” He handed her a sleek, black and shiny rectangular object that looked very similar to the one that he gave Evelyn. “This is my phone, but you can use it just this once… Do you want me to dial the number for you?”

“Yes… I mean no… I…” She stammered and looked up to him with hesitation and fear boiled in her stomach, only to see Zayn’s face, so innocent and confused of her sudden change of attitude.

‘Don’t act irrationally Evelyn,’  She reminded herself as she stared into Zayn’s clear brown eyes, the clearest that she has ever seen them. He looked like a different guy to the guy who almost forced himself on Evelyn a few days ago in the forest, this Zayn looked so soft, sweet and gentle.

Unlike the dark, violent and aggressive monster from the forest.

There was a long pause and the two just stared at each other, Zayn was waiting for Evelyn to speak and she was trying to voice the thought in her mind without offending him and sending him onto a rampage like he had done so many times before.

“What’s the catch?” She finally spoke after what seemed like eternality.


Evelyn took a deep breath and decided to just get straight to the point. “What do I have to do for the exchange of contacting with my parents?” Tears gathered at the edge of her eyes.

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