Chapter 4

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The next day, Anna went to work.

She had to be at the department building by 7:30, so she had to be up by 5:30 to get ready.

Anna was confused as to what she needed to wear, so she called her grandfather for outfit tips.

"Hello, this is Edward Rivers."

"Grandpa, it's Anna." She cupped the phone to her cheek and grinned as her grandfather realized who was calling.

"Oh, Anna! How are you, my little scientist?" Edward laughed mirthfully.

"Fine, Grandpa. How are you?"

"Fine as usual. What is going on up there?"

"I got a job at the Varia Space Organization," Anna said, "and my first day is today, but I don't know what to wear."

"Congratulations on the job, darling! For your outfit, you should wear what your grandmother wore for dressy occasions: maybe some nice black slacks, a white dress shirt, heels, and jewelry? I don't know what women like to wear for dress parties, so do what you want, but keep it simple, because you don't want to look like you're trying too hard." Anna's grandfather counseled.

"Thanks, Grandpa, you're a lifesaver. Tell Grandma that I said hi, and hugs and kisses to you both."

"No problem, sweetie. Call me when you have time."

After hanging up, Anna went and took a shower. Wrapped in a towel, she was greeted with the sight of Dena going through her closet.

"Dena, what are you doing?"

"I can't find anything for work!" Dena wailed. "I only have my interview clothes, and those are in the wash!"

"Alright, alright, here." Anna tossed Dena a white long sleeve dress shirt and a black skirt. "Thank you so much," Dena sighed, as she quickly changed.

"No problem," Anna laughed as she picked out her outfit: a white quarter sleeve dress shirt, a pair of black slacks, nude colored heels, and a statement forest green necklace, with matching forest green studs. For makeup, she kept it fresh, with a swipe of mascara on her eyelashes, a little bit of blush on her cheeks and  a natural balm on her lips. She brushed out her hair and left it in its natural curls.

She quickly packed her bag with some extra makeup, her wallet, lip balm, a pencil case with her pencils and pen, a thin binder full of college ruled and plain printer paper, and her MacBook Air; she then waited for Dena to get ready. They made a takeaway breakfast (breakfast burritos with hash browns, bacon, scrambled Tabasco eggs and avocado tucked into them) and hopped into the car, driving to the headquarters of the Varia Space Organization.

Dropping Dena at the Astrophysics Building, Anna parked her car in the employee parking lot and got out, gazing at the gleaming astrobiology building, almost blinded by the sunlight hitting its numerous windows. The brick parts of the building had ivy growing up it, like it was a building from the olden days, and it fit the purpose perfectly.

Anna walked in and showed her new employee badge to the receptionist at the desk, and made her way up to Mark's office on the 25th floor. On the file folder that she had in her bag, Mark had written to meet him up in his office.

"Anna, how are you?" Mark got up from his desk and shook Anna's hand.

"Fine, sir, and you?"

"Swell. Let's sit and have a chat." Mark pulled out a seat for her and settled back behind the desk.

"You will be working in a joint office cubicle. One half is for your computer and other stuff, and the other half is for your laboratory items, such as your lab coat, pipette guns, glasses, you name it. At some points in your job here, you will have to do an experiment of some sort, including ones with live subjects."

Walking out of the office, Mark gave Anna a tour of the building, showing her the floors, cafes, and laboratories of the Astrobiology Building.

"...And here we have the main laboratory, or the Lab, as is the lingo here." Mark opened the door for Anna so she could see. "It looks like someone is in here."

They rounded a corner, and in the pale artificial light of the room, a lone figure was inserting dye into some agarose gel for gel electrophoresis.

"Sir, why are you in the Lab again?" Mark said with a knowing smirk.

"Come on, now." The figure turned, and Anna quickly recognized those dark brown eyes.



A/N: Sorry that this was a bit rushed, I have finals (😒) but today's the last day, so I'll have more time to make my next chapters a lot better!

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