"You got some Schmidt on your face!" - Schmidt



Full Name: (Unknown first name) Schmidt

Other names he's known as in the show: Sexy Santa, Tugg Romney, Schmidy, Fat Schmidt, Big Guy

We don't actually know the first name of Schmidt. Schmidt is his last name and he's never been referred to as anything else. Personally, I don't think he needs a first name, he's a legend you should know what is meant when the name Schmidt is said.

Schmidt is a Jew and he makes sure we all know it, "Judaism Son!" "Kosher yo?" "Oh a Menorah!"


Schmidt is the youngest in the loft apartment but is the most successful with a great and well paying job that allows him to buy all the lightning bolt suits, driving moccasins and Irish walking capes he wants. He is the only guy in the office and is teased by his co-workers which makes him even more determined to fit in.

Schmidt has serious OCD. He's the one that cleans and cooks in the apartment and if things aren't as he likes it he will freak out! When Jess brought a hutch into the apartment from the street, Schmidt freaks and gets rid of it.

Schmidt is a douche! He knows it, I know it, you know it, his friends know it, everyone knows it! So in their apartment there is a douchebag jar. Whenever Schmidt does anything douchey his roommates decide a suitable amount of money for him to put init.

Schmidt has brown hair and green eyes. His father was not involved in his life, so was brought up by his mother.

When Schmidt was younger he was not the player he is today, he was sweet chubby kid that sang "we built this Schmidty on tootsie roles!" with for all the douche's at college. He eventually lost all his weight and became the Schmidt we know today. His obesity has resulted in esteem issues which cause him to try too hard both socially and romantically. He really likes to try to impress people that knew him when he was overweight. He really hates it when people don't like him and it really effects his confidence.

Schmidt gets many, many ladies and we've seen him with Cece, Nadia and Gretchen so far. He's in love with Cece.

Schmidt sees Nick and his best friend and vice versa, although on many occasions Nick has said Winston is his best friend, Schmidt won't accept it. Nick says, "You love me too much Schmidt! I don't deserve it!" Schmidt does love Nick so much that he's upset he's the only one not to see Nick's penis (until episode injured).

In season one Cece's model friend, who Schmidt goes on a date with because Cece tells him to, breaks Schmidt's penis. This is the butt of everyone's jokes in a push to see who can cause him pain.


Facts: Schmidt is a germaphobe. He thinks he's the smartest in the loft apartment .He can vomit on command. He has expensive taste. He wears a short kimono around the apartment as his casual clothes. He drives a Ford Flex.



Schmidt and Winnie are my favourites but Winston only recently. I just love Schmidt! Comment your favourite Schmidt moment below!


Dedicated to @Amethyst_A! A really cool girl who is so funny and random like Schmidty! She and @Emily_Swan have a friendship that reminds me of Cece and Jess which is so cute! Thank you for all the votes and for being such a lovely person, who puts up with me and always replies to my messages and comments, which I really appreciate because I know some people find me annoying! You're really pretty and such a cutie- sorry I'm Emily's minion it had to be said ;). You told me you love the Douchebag Jar but since that chapter is taken you can have something even better: Schmidt's chapter!

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