36: Doom in the Distance

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"Are you sure you'll be right?" Boney asked seriously.

Anna fought back the annoyance that was beginning to clog her chest, and nodded her head furiously. She had more than enough pity for one day.

To Anna's relief, Boney left Anna alone. As soon as the door was shut behind her, Anna painfully buried her head against her knees. No matter how much she gasped for air, she felt like she was drowning.

Inside of her, there was a child growing, and waiting to come this terrible world. When it would come, Anna wouldn't have the first clue on what to do with it.

The distant sound of the party outside merrily continuing without her served as a painful tease that her life was now completely changed.

"What have I done?" Anna breathed through strangled gasps.

With a headache setting in, Anna stood up and removed her weapons from her waist. She curiously made her way to Kidd's long mirror and lifted up her shirt. Her gut wasn't completely flat, but she didn't look pregnant at all, either. She simply looked like she was bloated.

Anna fearfully reached her trembling hand down and cupped it over her belly. A ghost of a smile tugged on the corner of Anna's lip. For a brief moment, Anna considered giving the child away. She could go back to sailing the seas, and continue her life. Anna suddenly looked back in the mirror and gasped as more tears spilled over her eyes as she suddenly realized how she was thinking.

My mother did the same thing when she found out I was inside her..

A fresh set of painful sobs shakes her body. As Anna curled up in a fetal position on Kidd's large bed, she knew that she could never let herself make her mother's same mistakes.

It would break her, and maybe kill her, but she swore give the life inside her the chance of a good life with true family; a chance she never had.

As she curled up under the blankets, she looked down at her gut and cupped it genntly.

She barely whispered,

"I promise, I will never leave you. We will always be together."
She choked out with a smile on her face.

In that moment, the first inkling of reality began to set in. Anna was going to be a mother. Her smile faded when she knew what that meant.

She couldn't keep being a pirate, sailing the seas from one island to the next. With Edward gone, there wasn't that many reasons to stay this course anyway. She needed to settle down away from this life of crime and rum.
Through Anna's careless drinking after Edward left, she could have already killed the baby inside her.

Anna cringed at the thought.

No more that three weeks into being a mother and I'm already a failure.

She rolled over on the cold bed and cried desperately for hours until her engery completely depleted, and she drifted into an stressful sleep.

Anna woke up in the middle of the night due to a strange noise in the distance. She slowly lifted her eyes and froze.
Through the darkness of the cabin, Anna saw Kidd aggressively kissing Jacques, her first mate. Kidd was pushing him back towards the bed while his drunk hands fumbled to remove her captain's coat.

Anna sat up quickly and cleared her throat. The two wasted pirates jumped.
Kidd pushed Jacques away and breathlessly slurred,
"Anna! Whatthe fuck are ya here doin?" Kidd slurred drunkly.

Anna nodded at the flood and grabbed her weapons as she shuffled to the door,
"I'm leaving, lads. I'm leaving."
She moaned.

Kidd and Jacques didn't even wait for her to shut the door behind her before they continued their passionate love affair.

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