** 2 weeks ***

Jennifer P.O.V


I felt sad every single day, what I did to August wasn't right.

He wanted me to let him in and I couldn't do that. I couldn't do because I didn't wanna hurt his feelings by leading him on by not wanting to be in more of a serious relationship. I couldn't hurt him......

Every time I think about him I wanna cry.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by a loud knock on my door.

I looked up from the papers on my desk and said "Come in"

In walks Mr. Alsina..

Oh boy

"Hey how ya holding up" He said looking deep into my eyes

While he search what seemed like my whole soul, I looked away cause I knew if he kept on searching he would find the problem laying deep within my trouble heart.

"Good I guess" I said lightly smiling trying to hide my true emotions

He chuckle and opened his mouth and said the unexpected

"You're not... good Jenn look I came in here to ask, well see if you would like to come back over to my place for dinner again cause the girls couldn't stop talking about you" He said in a serious tone

I looked him right into his eyes this time and said "Uhmmm sure" I said putting on a fake smile

He shook his head and was about to leave til I finally spoke up

"August... I mean Mr. Alsina" I said quickly

He turn towards me again and waited for the rest of my response

"I umm I-I wanna be more close to you ...-" I stop because I began to confuse myself

"What?? What I mean is .... I like you a lot and wanna see where this is heading and if by any chan-" He cut me off my capturing my lips with his big warm lips

After a minute what it seem to be till he pulled back and said "Yes, a hundred times yes, Jenn I like you as well an I a proud you came to your senses on how your really feel about me"

I giggled like a little school girl cause he was right

"Shush up Auggie" I said pulling him closer to me kissing his little again

He just chuckled and smiled down at me while wrapping him around my waist then his hands mored down to my butt grabbing both of my cheeks which lifted my skirt

I squealed while leaning more into his chest

"Keep playing with me and I will turn you out" He whispered in my ear then kissing my cheek

I just blushed and layed my head on his chest

He makes me happy. I wanna be happy I wanna be happy with him.


Yes! I finally was able to get home in time to change and get ready for this dinner. I was soo excited that I couldn't stop smiling worth nothing.

I was about to get in the shower when I heard a knock more like a banging on my front door.

I went running into my room and went into my top drawer and got out my purple tazer (I know I spelled that wrong but carry on lol).

Slowing walking towards the door I hear my crazy ex Calvin yell out


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