Sneak peak for TH series #3

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Acquaintance party...

He's one of the SC president's bestfriend

They partied

He sang

He danced

He goes wild

He drank - a little

He's enjoying the night

Until someone grabbed him...

And the next thing he knew, he has someone beside him in the bed.


Acquaintance party ...

She's alone

She's hurting

She's not enjoying the night

The light's blinding her

The music is like a bomb to her ears

The students' makes her eye sore

She wants to go home now

But she doesn't have a driver

So she grabbed someone...

And the next thing she knew, she's not alone in her bed.


Hi, there! Above's Thelistine High's third book. Joshua's story, at kilalanin kung sinong partner niya roon. 

Thank you for reading Nathe's share of story. Marami silang cameo ni Ishii sa story ng mga kaibigan nila so if you're still interested sa progress ng relationship nila you can check the others' story. Hihihi, iyon lang, thank you once again!

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