She was pretty, I wasn't. She had kissed 9 people, I had kissed my mum. 
And once more I was all alone.

I watched her gather her bag and lunch and leave me. I understood why. She was pretty like them; she was too good for me. I didn't deserve a friend like her. I would always be a one man wolf pack. 

I watched as she was introduced to Peter's crew. When she sat down and laughed at something Peter said and I was done. I completely shut them out and ate my lunch in silence, in my own company.

"Coming, Marcel?" 

To my surprise it was Grace. She left the table to come and ask me over. Wait, had I just been invited to sit at the popular table? I was invited to something. I first looked at Grace, and then I saw Peter walking uo behind her. He shock his head, and as he was stood behind Grace she didn't see it.

"N-no thank you."

"Fine, come on then, Grace", Pete said while tugging on her arm. She stood still. 

"I want you to come, Marcel." 

I shook my head.

"He doesn't want to come, Grace. Leave him be, we don't want to pester the poor boy", he said with a clear smirk on his face.

"Why?" She wondered. 

He and my friends are my bullies and they have bullied me throughout Primary, secondary and here. I don't want to sit at his table with his friends and fuck buddies. MAybe that's a reason why?

"There is not like there is room at our table anyway." Peter said gesturing to his table. He was right; there was only two seats left, one for him and one for her.

"I could sit on your lap, Marcel", she tried. 

Oh boy, I wanted that. I wanted her petite body on my lap. But I saw Peter's disapproving look, and again I was forced to decline the offer. 

"Then I'll stay with Marcel", Grace said and tugged her arm from Peter's hold. He puffed and walked off. 

"I like you, Marcel", she said and took my hand. 

I knew it wasn't romantic. It was a friendly gesture. I wanted to lightly squeeze her hand and tell her "Thank you." 
She would then ask me what for. I would tell her "Thank you for not leaving me." 

But I didn't.

For her it was a nice gesture because, but to me it was so much more. She would never understand how much that moment meant to me.

Hurray, Grace came back to him! Hell yeah, suck on that Peter. 


Love you all babes xox



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