The Magic Of Fiction (Intro)

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              The Magic of Fiction: A series of Mini Book reviews

    This book will review young adult, romance, and  disutopian books. Other reviews may include books written by literary agents or books on the craft of writing. The purpose of this book is to inform the reader about the different self-published and traditional published books. I might review some books that have been published on If you request me to read a book then that book MUST be finished. You can request your own titles as long as it's a completed work and it has to be your best work. 

The five star system:

1 Star- Terrible.

2 Star-- Okay but not great.

3 Star- Good 

4 Star- Excellent

5 Star-- Phenomal. 

My questionscomment will include, but are not limited to:

1) Would I recommend this book? Why or why not?

2) Would I buy another book from this author? Why or not

3) My favorite character was_____ and my last favorite character was ___ .

4) Would I change anything about this book?

5)  A Critical analysis of the book. 

6) Book reviews will include summary of author and a background to the history/success of the book. 

Anyway, I'm going through my e-book self and my actual oversized bookshelf. And, I'm excited to share my favorite authors with you and to discover a few new titles along the way! 

Leave your book recommendations below. Thank you for listening. 

Coming Next, "Writing Great Books for Young Adults By Regina Brooks." 

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