"Allison, we're going to be late," I say walking in on Allison brushing her teeth, still in her PJs and a bun in her hair.

"I know, I'm sorry. I accidentally slept in," she says wiping her face off after she finishes brushing her teeth.

I leave the bathroom and put a pair of boots on, and I grab a purse. It's my first day and I want to make a good impression.
After a while Allison is finally done getting ready. We run to her car.

I jump in the passenger seat, her in the driver seat and we race to school.

When we got there nobody was to be seen. Everyone was already in class probably. Allison spots a bench and sits down.

"Allison what are you doing?"

"Making sure I have all my supplies," she says.

"Allison! Class has already started! We need to get to class."

Soon she gets a phone call which makes everything worse. That's the third one today.

"Mom, three phones calls on the first day is a little over doing it."

Then something strange happens. I start to hear my mom talking through the phone.

"Well your sister isn't picking up, but anyway do you have everything you need?"

Allison continues going through her bag.

"Everything except a pen. Oh my God. I didn't actually forget a pen."

"Don't worry just ask to borrow one."

"Okay, okay, I gotta go. Love ya."

Allison hangs the phone up and the vice principal soon greets us.

"Sorry to keep you two waiting. So you were saying San Fransisco isn't where you guys grew up?"

"No, but we lived there for more than a year," Allison answers, "which is unusual in our family."

"Well, hopefully Beacon Hills will be your last stop for a while," he says.

We walk into a classroom and the vice principal introduces Allison and I. "Class, these are our new students, Allison Argent and Abigail Argent. Please do your best to make them feel welcomed."

Allsion sits behind a boy and I sit next to her on her right. The boy she's sitting behind looks back at Allison and hands her a pen.

"We'll begin with Kafka's metamorphosis on page 133," the teacher says.


The bell finally rings and Allison and I walk to our lockers which happen to be next to each other.

Soon a girl approaches Allison and I. She had strawberry blonde hair and seemed like the popular type.

"That jacket is absolutely killer," she says. Then she turns towards me. "So are those boots. Where did you get them?"

"Our mom was a buyer for a boutique back in San Fransisco," Allison says.

"And you two are my new best friends."

Then a boy comes up behind her and puts his arm around her. We stare for a moment and then the girl starts talking.

"Hey Jackson."

She turns back to us, "so this weekend there's a party."

"A party," Allison and I say together.

"Yeah, Friday night." Jackson says. "You should come," he says smirking at me.

"We can't, it's family night this Friday." Allsion says.

"Thanks for asking though," I say.

"You sure?" Jackson asks. "Everyone's going after the scrimmage."

"You mean like football?" I ask.

"Football is a joke in Beacon. The sport here is lacrosse. We've won the state championship for the past three years," Jackson brags.

"Because of a certain team captain," the girl whose name I have yet to find out says.

"Well, we have practice in a few minutes. That is if you don't have anywhere else-"

"We were actually-" I start but I'm cut off by the girl.

"Perfect, you're coming.

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