I don't any part of Teen Wolf, this is just my imagination and a work of fiction based on the show.

"Hey, dad, I'm going on a drive," I say going downstairs in the new house we bought.

"Alright, be back soon. Your mother and sister will be back in an hour or so. And Abigail," he pauses, "be safe."

"Alright," I say grabbing my keys.

I leave the house and get in my car.

Tonight is my first official night in Beacon Hills. If you ask me things are already feeling weird.

I start to drive not knowing exactly where I'm going. I'm driving by these woods when my car starts moving slower. I check my gas and my tank's empty, so I pull over.

"Just great," I tell myself.

I get out my phone and try to call my dad. No signal. I decide to get out of the car and try to get a better signal.

I get to the entrance of the woods and stop. Then after hesitating a little I walk in holding my phone up in different directions.

Still not getting any signal.

Then out of nowhere I hear a scream. It sounded like a male. Then it was silent. I stood still making sure nobody was near me, that's when I heard it... a growl.

I slowly turned around and saw a monstourous creature. It looked like a wolf but way bigger. It had these red glowing eyes that I couldn't take my eyes off.

Soon, it spotted me and crept towards me. Then it charged at me and threw me to the ground. I let out a scream. It bit me.

As soon as it ran away I slowly stood up. My side stung. I put my hands to it and put them up to my face showing blood.

I quickly ran to the roads and saw my mom and sister get back to my mom's car after coming out of the woods.

Once my mom saw me she ran up to me embracing me in a hug.

"Abigail, what are you doing out here?"

"Mom.. I just wanted to see the town and I guess I made a wrong turn. Then my car ran out of gas, I tried calling dad but I didn't have any signal and I just-"

"Abigail, just get in the car, we'll get your car tomorrow."

"What about driving to school?"

"Surely Allison will be willing to give you a ride," she says turning to my sister who was fiddling with her hair.

"Yeah, of course," Allison says.

We all get back in the car and my mom drives us home.

As we're driving I look out the window at the circular, full moon.

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