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Those long roads,

With the breezy chills,

My favorite song on that stereo,

When my heart could have stood still.

Then that chuckles that was usually from that back seat,

At which you usually use to sit,

That smirks you gave.

Those chilled drinks from that small trunk,

Those dog days at which we usually make up plans,

Your cute dog that usually disturbed us the most.

Those prank calls,

Late night chats,

Cute cards collection,

Grade competition,

Long gossip talks,

Your crush , I won’t forget.

You stole my boyfriend and said I won’t be mad?

That sweet laughter,

Sleep overs that we had,

It would have been that best est secret night of ours.

That time when we spied on your big brother,

Ha ha, that was the most funny of all!

Remember when we asked silly question from each other

And laughed exact 5 minutes long continually.


That time when you got upset

And sat on that bench,

On which there was a bubble gum stick-ed.

That cute cheek of yours that I always wanted to have

Or that gleaming blue eyes

This was my best friend I called

And acted like a fool,

you didn’t even got embarrassed for a moment

But instead keep those arms on my shoulder.

It felt like home with you every time,

And those were the best days of my life.

I just wish those days can come back.

Whenever I think of you, you always make me remind,

Those days can never come back as they are behind.

I feel that we weren’t not close enough

Or you could had called and tell

‘you know what, I miss you too.

I wish I was right now with you’.

I guess that was all I wanted you to say

As sometimes words can change a person in a lot of ways

What if that quote you read me that September night was the truth

‘Remember people always leave but sometimes they come back’

I am still waiting for you to come back

Believing on what you said was right.

I wish one morning when I will wake up,

I will get back to those old days

I won’t waste any single min or sec.

it would be great spending time with you

But rightnow I do have a feeling that I won’t.

Just thinking when you left me alone at home.

I don’t know if I want to talk you,

I still miss you and can’t block you.

I want to talk but I also don’t.

If I ever saw you live,

I will instantly slap you tight.

And then see that reaction and hug you

No matter what you do or say.

I won’t ever let you go away.

I might sound crazy and dumb

But really I have non but you,

You were the only one I trusted,

My lovely best friend, I want you back.

I want to fight with you, cuddle with you  

I just want that all back.

But my dear friend promise me one thing

I swear in my left eye there are tears in,

I just want you to promise me this:

That if you will come back, you will never leave me alone.

This loneliness is changing my attitude, miss.

I swear I never want to be like this,

I wish you can read it all out loud,

With a tear from right eye and a cute little pout.