Chapter 4

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Louis headed downstairs excitedly once he received the text from Harry saying that he was in the driveway. Louis made sure his phone was with him before he go out of the house and into his car.

Harry had unlocked the doors for the younger boy, chuckling at his surprised expression on his face once the expensive car got in his view. He took Louis' hand into his once he had fastened his seatbelt, lifting it to his lips and pressing a gentle kiss to the back of his hand as if they were a couple. His gestures making Louis' face heat up as a shy giggle left his mouth.

"Where're we goin'?" Louis had asked as he felt the older mans bright green eyes pierce into his skin.

"Well sweetheart, that's for me to know and for you to find out." Harry answered his question with a small wink and a small laugh, cooing at Louis' pouting lips before looking out through the window and starting the car, reversing it and quickly driving to the restaurant in which he had made reservations in.

Louis has kept his eyes on the surroundings, trying to piece together where they were going exactly, having no luck once they had entered the 'rich' residency of the city.

Harry kept flicking his eyes towards Louis, admiring the way his light blue eyes sparkled as the street lights shined against them. He was somewhat afraid of getting into an accident but more afraid of being caught by Louis so he looked back to the road.

As they arrived to the well lighted restaurant, Harry had gotten out of the car and jogged over to Louis' side, opening the door and helping him out of the car earning him a 'thank you' and a kiss to the cheek.

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