The Concert

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Hey guys! Im slowly getting better at writing,so chapters should start getting longer.

Beep. Beep. Beep. 

Ugh......I though. School,oh wait the concert is today! Amby and Sadie are going to a Blood on the Dance Floor concert. I got up and walked to my closet. I grabbed some black shredded skinny jeans,and a BOTDF shirt. I got in the shower and got dressed. I dried,straightened,and teased my hair. I put on a thick ring of eyeliner and grabbed my blade. Yeah,I cut. I ran it across my arm. I watched the blood spill down my arm,and jumped out the window. I grabbed a rag,and wet it in the stream behind my house. I cleaned the blood,and reached for my bag. Fuck,I left it inside. I slowly creeped in the house to grab it. I grabbed it,and my dad noticed. Fuck,"Well,what do we have here? The little emo girl,"he said and slapped me. Great,he was drunk already. He's been doing this since I was 10,when mom died. I'm 18 now. He punched me in the stomach,and gave me a black eye. As I walked outside,I grabbed my makeup and hid the bruises,and soon to be bruises. I ran to school. At lunch,Amby,Sadie,and I sat outside to eat,here's how our conversation went. 

Sadie:Did he do it again? 

Me: He hit me,but I ran out before he could do anything worse,Amby,can I stay with you after the concert? I have some clothes in the tree. 

Amby:Of course. Sadie,do you wanna come over for girls night? 

Sadie:Of course! 

Amby:Great,now Marie,Sadie and I have a surprise for you. She pulled out three VIP passes 

Me:How did you get those?!?!?! 

Sadie:I saved up for them. 

We all hugged,and then the bell rang. We got up,and the rest of the day flew by. Finally it was time to go,I ran to the tree to get some pajamas and a change of clothes,and ran up the street to get Sadie. Then we ran to the next block to Amby's. I knocked,and her mom answered."Hello girls,she's in her room,"she said,"Thank you,Mrs. Hawkins,"I said. She smiled,"No problem,and I told you to call me mom,"she said. I chuckled and we went downstairs to Amby's room. It was painted black,but the walls were covered mostly in posters. When we walked in,she had sleeping bags rolled out. And Dark Dreams, by BOTDF was playing. We walked out of the house and got in her car. We drove to the giant stadium they were playing at and walked in."Good,we can get good seats,"Sadie said,"Yeah,"I replied. We looked up at the stage,and saw Dahvie and Jayy setting up."Oh my Jinxx,"We all said in unison. Yeah,we're Black Veil Brides fans too. They saw us,and Dahvie smiled."Ooh,he smiled at you,"Amby said,"No,he smiled at all of us,"I said. He hopped off stage and walked toward us."Ooh,he's coming over here"Sadie smiled."Hi,I'm Dahvie,"he said. Amby and Sadie squealed."I'm Marie. This is Amby and Sadie,"I said to him,"Nice to meet you,"he said and shook my hand,"Hey guys,I'm gonna go outside for a minute,okay?" I said,walking away. Dahvie smiled and followed me. I grabbed a cigarette and a lighter and lit it."You smoke?"Dahvie asked,"Yeah,"I said. He nodded and I sat down. Ow.....I thought. I was still really sore."You okay,"Dahvie asked. I must've said ow out loud."Yeah,just sore,"I said,like it was okay. He looked confused,but then he must've let it go, because he shrugged and sat down next to me.

Dahvie's POV 

Jayy and I were setting up,when three girls walked in. I noticed one of them was really cute,and I smiled a flirty smile at her. They started talking,but I couldn't tell what they were saying. I hopped down and went to go talk to them. Two of them squealed, but the cute one introduced them."Hi,I'm Marie,and this is Sadie and Amby,"she said. So her name was Marie. Cute name....I thought,"Nice to meet you,"Is aid,shaking her hand."Hey guys,I'm gonna go outside for a minute,okay?"she asked,already walking away. I walked out with her,and saw her smoking. I generally hate when people smoke,but I didn't mind with her."You smoke?"I asked. Well obviously she smokes,you idiot.....I thought."Yeah,"she said. I noticed some scratches on her arm,but didn't mention them. She sat down,and said "Ow," why would sitting down hurt?"You okay?" I asked,concerned about her,"Yeah,just sore," she said. I was confused,but just shrugged and sat down next to her. She obviously didn't want. To explain. We talked for a while.and I learned a lot about her. Her mother died when she was 10, she likes to sing and listen to music,and she just finished high school,and was looking for a job. We exchanged numbers,and went back in. Jayy and I sang Bewitched,and I couldn't stop looking at her. Between songs,Jayy said,"Dude,if your gonna keep staring at her,just call her up on stage.

Marie's POV

I was having a really good time,Sadie and Amby were in the bathroom,when I heard something I didn't expect,"Marie Applewood,will you come up here?"Dahvie said. I smiled and walked to the stage. Dahvie helped me up,and we sang The Loving Dead and Xx3. I was having the best time of my life. I hopped down and went to find Amby and Sadie. After the show,we went backstage.

Dahvie's POV

I walked backstage,and saw something really unexpected,"Oh my god,Marie?"I said. She ran up and hugged me,"Hey,"she said. I smiled like an idiot. I had a good idea,"I'll be right back,"I said to her. I ran to talk to Jayy."Dude guess what,"I said,almost tackling him in the process,"What?"he asked,"Marie and her friends are backstage,"I said way too happy,"Can Marie be our new merch girl?"I asked him,"Hell yeah,she's awesome,"he said. I ran back to tell Marie,"Hey Marie,"I said,"What?"she said happily,"How would you like to be our new merch girl?" I asked her,"Are you serious?"she asked,"As a heart attack,"I said. She ran up and hugged me,"I'd love it,"she said. I smiled and we sat down and talked. She back with her friends to spend the night with them. We were picking her up in the morning. "You liikkeee her,"Jayy teased me,"Yeah,I do,"I admitted,"She has an amazing voice,why wouldn't you ask her to like,join the band or something?" Jayy asked,"I didn't think of that,but now that you mention it,I just might,"I said. I took off my makeup and went to bed.

Marie's POV

Wow,I'm BOTDF's merch girl..I thought. Amby and Sadie were arguing over going mini golfing of getting ice cream,"Guys,let's just go to Freasher's,"I said. Freasher's is a small ice cream shop with a mini golf course in the back a couple miles away."Good idea,"they said in unison. We laughed,and got on our shoes. We always jog there,and run back. When we got back,we all took showers and went to bed. The next morning I got up and showered. We went downstairs and ate breakfast. We all walked to my house to get my clothes. We all ran up to my room,got my suitcase,packed my clothes,and jumped out the window with the suitcases before my dad could notice. We ran to Amby's just in time for the bus to get there. Dahvie and Jayy stepped out and we all went inside for a minute."Waiting for us?"Jayy asked,still out of breath,I said,"No.....we ran to my house,got my stuff,and..ran back,all in 10 minutes,"I said panting."By the way,Marie,does your dad know your leaving?"Jayy asked. I started crying,"What's wrong?"Jayy asked Sadie,"Marie,do you want to tell them?"she asked concerned,I slowed my crying and nodded,"Will you tell them,Amby?"I asked,sobbing again. She nodded,"Her dad....he abuses her,"she said sadly. Dahvie ran over to comfort me,"Shhh,shh it's okay,we're getting you away from him,"he said.

Dahvie's POV

I couldn't believe what I just heard. Why would somebody ever want to hurt such a sweet,amazing girl. She wiped her face,and I saw bruises,giant bruises,she showed us her stomach,it was filled with cuts,scars,and even more bruises. I saddened immediately. She slowly stopped stopped crying,and we were ready to go. She sadly said goodbye to her friends,but then I had an idea,"What if you two came with us,"I said. All of their faces lit up instantly,and they ran to Amby's room to help her pack. After that,we ran down the block to Sadie's house. She got packed then we ran to the bus. We got them settled in,and we drove to Wendy's. Suddenly,Marie's faced dropped and she stared at her phone."What is it?"I asked. She slowly handed me her phone,shaking. It read,'Where the fuck are you? Get your ass home you bitch. From:Help Me' I held her in my arms. We got back on the road and she stopped crying. I smiled and let my heart take over. I kissed her.

Jayy's POV

I walked into Dahvie's room to tell him we were going to get some food,and I saw him and Marie making out."Um,we're gonna go get dinner,"I said awkwardly. They pulled away and got up. They ran,literally ran,off the bus to Pizza Hut. We all ate and got back on the bus. I pulled Dahvie aside,"Man,you should go on a date with her,"I said to him,"I am,we're gonna go to a movie next stop,"he said. I smiled. It's been a long time since Dahvie's liked a girl this much.

So..end of chapter 1! What do you think? Song is Xx3,and picture is Dahvie.

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