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Pen Your Pride

*Louis POV*

Once again I head off to the wonderful world of high school where everyday I get bullied. I guess you can say I'm not popular and I'm the nobody at school that dosen't talk to anyone but his one friend.

Anyways I'm walking in the halls when the one and only Harry's styles appears.
He's considered the most popular guy at school, he pretty much had a perfect life. He's captain of the football team (soccer) has a lot of friends and is known by everybody. But honestly to me he seems like a stuck up pain in the ass.

"Hey faggot" Harry says as he slams me up against the lockers.

"h...hi" I squirm out.

Harry has always bullied me from the moment he moved next door. I'm not sure why though I've never done anything wrong to the lad, let alone had a actual conversation with him.

"Aww did I hurt the little scrawny boy?", he says ever so wickedly "I wouldn't want to hurt the director of the drama club."

"I'm two years older than you and I'm pretty sure i could beat the hell out of you if I tried." I proclamied.

"Oh is that so, than try right now!"

With that he pushes me onto the ground and him and his friends kick me for what seems like hours.

Even though Harry's bully's me I can't help but admit he's absolutely gorgeous... What wait what no I didn't mean that.

*Harrys POV*

"Look Harry its that freak Louis" my friend Zayn told me.

I look over and see that poor Louis kid. Honestly he's not a bad person. He's two years older than me but Hes shorter. I've never tried talking to him because that would reck my status.

"Why don't we teach him a lesson?" Zayn said making me snap out of my thoughts.

"Yeah let's do it!" I said in a fake confident voice.

I wouldn't mind if Louis and I became friends but our social classes don't mix like that.

Hi guys so heres the 1st chapter of my 1st book (: 

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