Become a superhero in an upcoming story of mine

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Hello all!  

How would you like to be a superhero in an upcoming story of mine?  Well, here's your chance.  I just posted the following on facebook in a place or two, to not much response, so I thought I would try it here on wattpad.  

Hey! I have A CHALLENGE FOR YOU. -- Here's the idea --

I post writing on wattpad. So how about I write a story about a league of superheroes on another planet, and HERE'S WHAT I NEED FROM YOU --

Comment on this post telling me about who you are as a superhero on this other planet. What's your superhero name? What's your other identity? What are your powers?

---- And I will write a story and post it on wattpad, including all your superheros -----

Sound like something you are interested in? Will I get any takers on this post? Or will it linger, uncommented on?

So to participate, just comment on this post with the following:

-- your superhero name

-- your other identity

-- your superhero powers

And your superhero will be part of my story.  

This post will be deleted when submissions are closed, so comment now.