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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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* Sorry about it being slow in the beginning but trust me, you won't regret reading it. ;) sorry for any mistakes. Enjoy*

Chapter One:

Going to a new school is always hard. Leaving your home and and friends that you've known since you were five is even harder. Tomorrow is Monday and I start Blake Vermont High School with new kids, tons of homework and everything else that comes intact with being a new student. My dad is starting a new job and unfortunately we have to move with him but its a exciting opportunity for him and I'm glad it was given to him. Vermont is pretty this time of year especially where we are living, on the lake. All expenses paid by my dads marketing company. My dad, my mom who is expecting and myself arrive in front of the new white victorian house, blue shutters, flowers all around, and a boat tied to a dock across the way. Opening my car door, grabbing my bags, I approach the house. Tears streaming down my face, my mom walks up to me and hugs me.

" It's okay honey, I know this is going take some getting used to however I know you'll get through it." My mom lovingly says as she walks away from me.

My dad follows behind her along with the moving guys. I paced up the stairs to the room that is considered mine. Turning the doorknob, I walk in to the size of a royal princess's room. Two big open windows, pretty curtains, and the room is overlooking the lake. I think I might like it here. The moving guys leave in less than four hours, unpacking everything. My purple quilted bedspread looked great on my new mattress. The bed also fit perfectly in the middle of the room. I undo the covers, climb into bed, resting my head against the pillow, and ready to endure tomorrow at my new school, I fall asleep.


Driving to Blake Vermont High School was a pretty drive. It was partly cloudy outside and there was a slight breeze as the green trees swayed. My dad drove me to school, it was kinda a tradition on the first day of school. There were preppy girls in short skirts and crop tops. They looked like they were on the cheerleading squad. Boys wearing jerseys waiting around outside. Shoving their friends around playfully, they were probably waiting for football or basketball to start. Who knows I didn't really care. I got out in leggings, and a red flannel shirt with converses on. My long brown hair was down to my lower back and I was surprised I was actually having a good hair day. Carrying a black leather studded purse big enough for my all my books, thank god, I approached the school door ready for the day I was going to have. I noticed everyone was staring at me, but I didn't care. I finally went inside and shut the door behind me. More stares as I walked through the hall. Two preppy blonde girls decided to walk over to me wearing short shorts and crop tops.

" What are you wearing, you look awful." The taller blonde laughed

Ignoring it, I walk away.

She called after me but I ignored her. Getting my schedule, I went to my first class. I sat down at farthest seat away from the front of the class. It was 9:09am and still no sign of the teacher. I observed all the students as they talked amongst themselves. I was actually pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people. I looked up at the door again when I see the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen. Black hair down to his neck covering some of the tops of his eyes. He's least 6'1. His body is perfectly toned, bulging with muscles. A smile to literally die for and those amazing ice blue eyes staring right at me.This drop dead gorgeous guy more like a man starts walking towards me. However he doesn't talk to me, instead he sits down in the seat next me, leaning back in the seat. I stopped myself from gawking at him to write in my notebook, I didn't want him to see me looking at him so awkwardly. I noticed his eyes were on me because I looked his way and we locked eyes, his amazing eyes locked with my boring eyes. Putting out his hand.

" I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Nathan and you are?" He smiled

Oh my god, he's actually talking to me. Wait why is he talking to me? There's plenty of other girls that are way prettier and well sluttier than me. Especially since I'm a seventeen year old who has never had sex, I think he'd be better off with some other girl.

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